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How Do You Test The Structure Of Water?

We use the Gas Discharge Visualization Machine or GDV Machine which acts like an advanced kirlian camera that takes pictures of the energy of the water. The structured water that Clay is promoting has the highest energy flow so far of any of the watersout there, including R/O, other filters, and other things claiming to bestructured.  I'm sure there are other ways of measuring structure, but we,the general populace, don't have access to them yet.

Go to to find out more about it and its' inventor Dr. Konstantin Korotkov.  Konstantin Korotkov, a physicist, has traveled aroundthe world sharing insights gained from the bio-photonic imaging technology thathe developed, alternately called, Gas Discharge Visualization, or GDV. It is acomputer-based system that allows energetic readings to be taken on humanbeings, animals and plants, plus environments and products. It promises to helphumanity change its perception, not only of each other, but how we interactwith our world.

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How Does Reverse Osmosis Work?

This is a simple explanation to the question; how does Reverse Osmosis work?

There are 5 parts to most under the sink reverse osmosis systems.

    1. Micron Filter Section (typically 5 micron) for larger sediment.
    2. First Carbon Filter Section for organics such as; chlorine, chloramine or other.
    3. Second Carbon Filter Section
    4. RO Membrane Section which has a tightly wound membrane (usually .0001 micron) and water is pressed through it and the "good" water goes to a side tank and "bad" water goes to a drain.
    5. When the spout is pressed on top of the sink, water is pulled from the "good" water tank through a 5th section which is the Polishing Filter Section which polishes off the water.

Pros and Cons to Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Systems:


    • RO thoroughly filters out physical contaminants
    • RO is usually pretty cost effective


    • RO typically takes 2 hours to fill a 1.5 gallon tank
    • When it fills a tank RO wastes 13.5 gallons of water (Or More)
    • The waste is far greater
    • You have to replace parts over time
    • RO systems do not produce structured water

While RO systems do a thorough job of filtering water they also waste a lot of water.

Exactly how much water does reverse osmosis waste?

Well the 13.5 gallons of water per tank is actually the only amount if the tank is empty. But the less empty the tank is the more water it wastes due to the way RO works to fill the tank. So if you are only taking a little bit of water at a time from the spout then it is wasting a whole lot more. In some instances it could waste as much as 1.5 gallons for 1 glass of water!

So if you have an RO system it is best to draw as much water as possible at a time to conserve water. This video link about How Much Water Does An RO (Reverse Osmosis) System Waste explains this in detail:

With our growing global drinking water shortage problem, that is something to really consider.

Hopefully this post helped address the question; how does reverse osmosis work? But if you would like to know about other water filter problems to consider check out this Water Filter Problems article.

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I'm pleased to see more and more scientists and authors coming out of the woodwork to support the molecular structure of water concept and the benefits of drinking structured water.

"In his groundbreaking book Water of Life; A Cure for your body, Professor Hyun W Kim states that one of the characteristics of good water is water with plenty of hexagonal shaped clusters, structures that are small, close and compact.

The molecular structure of water is very important to ensure optimum hydration of the body. In most tap waters or for that matter bottled waters the water molecules tend to agglomerate in clusters of between 10 and 20. The larger the cluster size the lower the electron activity. Consequently it is desirable to drink water with smaller cluster sizes to enhance the body's energy systems. Secondly large clusters of molecules cannot readily permeate the body's cell membranes and so cannot hydrate the cells. Good water for the body should have no more than 5 to 6 molecules in a cluster. This type of water will give good cell hydration and provide more oxygen.

Professor Kim states ‘ …..drinking compactly-structured water (the kind with an abundance of hexagonal water) can be called a shortcut to prevent adult-onset diseases such as cancers or diabetes.'

Drinking water from a Structured Water Unit is good for the body as it provides the body with suitable structured water predominantly with 6 molecules per cluster. This aids proper hydration of the body and better oxygenation."


Please feel free to leave any comments about your experience of structured water or you thoughts on the molecular structure of water. It's a wonderful thing when water beings can join together in a dialogue about water.

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Hexagonal Water Origins

Hexagonal water or structured water can be found in deep earth springs, glacial waters, and a very special location in Japan called Magnetic Mountain: “…the entire mountain has been permanently magnetized. The mountain itself is the result of an underwater volcanic eruption which occurred millions of years ago at about the same time that a meteorite shower deposited magnetite within the mountain.”

This water is extremely magnetic and has been studied by many scientists with positive results towards human health. Another source of hexagonal water is simply water that is allowed to move. Still water breeds disease, but living water cleans itself using vortex-like movements.

Minerals also support living water. There can be many different degrees of quality when using a Structured Water Unit depending on the design. This water lasts the longest in a cool environment away from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and direct sunlight. People have used hexagonal water concentrates, vortex machines, in-line devices, ionizers and filters prior to structuring to improve their water quality. However the water is structured, it is clear from many studies presented on this website and elsewhere that all life forms can benefit from hexagonal water consumption.

Reference: "Hexagonal Water—The Ultimate Solution" by M.J. Pangman, M.S.

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Water in Our Cells

About 90% of our blood is water and 75% of our muscle tissue is water. On the cellular level, 60% of water is inside the cell and 40% is surrounding the cell.

Even without microscopes, ancient philosophers recognized that water is essential to life. Moving water has more oxygen, energy and cleansing powers. It also has more structure to it, making it more absorbable by life forms on the cellular level.

Dr. Jhon calls this advanced structured water “hexagonal” water because of the 6-sided shape of structured water. Without being in smaller clusters when taking on the hexagonal shape, water clusters are bigger and much harder for an organism to absorb it easily.

In addition, structured water is capable of cleaning itself of not only toxins but of the negative energy left by the memory of those toxins. So it looks like drinking hexagonal water makes for one happy cell! That means better health, energy and vitality for every living being this life-giving water comes in contact with.

Reference: “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key” by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon

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