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The New Face of Water Purifiers

The following talk took place at the Live H2O Concert in Sedona, AZ in the summer of 2009: 

Clayton:  When somebody asks me how I got in to water, I say “Water appeared where it should not” and that led me to research a way of bringing structured water or let’s say nature's water into a laboratory and that’s where I am. 

I am a scientist, a researcher, I am not a marketer and a pretty lady in the Pagosa Springs Colorado convinced me finally that I should put this out into the market and so I did it and that’s about it.

Presenter:  So he has these amazing water structuring devices that are still evolving and getting to bigger and bigger possibilities from the home units cover an entire household and then to the commercial and industrial place. The thing I wanted to share about Clayton, I have known Clayton for a while and he has been a true gift and a friend and continues to be. One of the things that really impresses me about him is  through his involvement with the government the government sent him out to imitate nature and from that create what he was assigned to create and when he did that what he told me was that he fell in love with water, I think what I am getting at is his love for water. So to my understanding what he has been able to do is to bring us back this beautiful water and condense about 5 miles of rivers, spring  or something that carries water with enough velocity to restructure itself and to have the biotopes released into a very small unit so that we can all have it at our finger tips and In our mouth, in our bath  and as we do that with our own water, as it flows out of our own houses that it actually restructures water that it touches wherever it goes so again the connection of the flowing water is very very present with him.

Clayton:  That’s right Thank you! I can just sit down and you can do this (laughs). Anyways, she is right, the structured water I have had the opportunity of doing scientific studies on is out of this world. I did scientific study for 40 years working for the government. I had a billion dollars worth of toys, unlimited funding and a whole array of lab rats and they were constantly looking for something to do so I gave them something to do. However I could not bring that research out from that environment so I have been in a position of proving it out here in this world and the door is opening to me in a big way. I had the opportunity of working with and spending my week working with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov who developed and brought forward a device able to photogragh biophoton energy. What we did is we used a GDV which is a gas discharging visualization analyzer and the GDV gave me a glimpse into not only myself but also into water itself and biophoton energy in other terms around the world is prana or life force energy. Anyways, this study that I did  basically ran all of the instruments that I have on the GDV, the information was so enormous the original report would have been 480 pages of analysis and the person who did this study was Krishna out of Mexico and his computers RAM couldn’t handle it so we had to narrow it down to 84 pages. The amount of information was substantial and the results were very crystal clear and the energy is beyond words, really!

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