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The Woes of Water Filters

We've been told for quite some time that we need to drink pure water for good health. Enough people bought into this idea to make home water filters a multimillion dollar business. There are many different types of filters on the market. They use different systems, but they all do pretty much the same thing...remove sediments (minerals), and some gases. At first, it may sound like a good idea, but further examinations shows a horse of a different color.


Pure water does not exist in nature, or in your body. Everything organic on this planet is designed to use water in its natural form. We'll discuss that in a minute. Our bodies require a certain amount of minerals, usually taken in with the water we drink. Pure water can actually leach out vital minerals and electrolytes over time. Pure water also does not have the correct structure for the body to be able to use it. The body must convert it into a useable form, using up limited resources in the process. Water filters may not make the water absolutely pure, but they remove enough minerals to render it 'dead', as far as the body is concerned, much like an over-cooked meal. And water filters do nothing to restore the water structure.

Water can have different qualities, according to the way the molecules relate to each other. They can bond in many different ways. Our body is designed to use a particular structure, and will convert any other type into that structure, at the expense of using limited body resources. The correct structure is when 6 water molecules bond to each other with a common hydrogen bond. This creates a 6-sided hexagonal liquid crystalline structure that is small enough to pass through cell membranes, without modification. It also facilitates the transfer of trace minerals, and keeps the water at the proper pH, which is alkaline. Water in this form is known as structured, or hexagonal water

Nature creates structured water by passing fresh water over mineral-rich soil, and rocks, and exposing it to various levels of sunlight. This puts the water in the correct form, oxygenates it, adds trace minerals, and puts it at the proper pH. This is something water filters can't do but that Structured Water Units can.  Structured Water Unit's designed by Clayton Nolte duplicate the natural process of changing 'dead' water into structured water. Drinking structured water has many documented health benefits. 

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