Structured Water Units

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Barrier Flow Diagram

The presence of barriers can significantly enhance the measurement and utilization of flow (including the generation of power and time). Individual streams of progression begin at barriers, and there are three primary types utilized within our transformative algorithms:


Poloidal: rectangular (in the manner of a block) in nature, most prominent in application to physical/ morphological/ "body" domain, places those manifold elements contacting it in a state of flux, causes the examination and re-examination of the target subject of the barrier from all angles, all elements proximal to the same poloidal barrier necessarily form a sub-manifold within and through the flux of their activities, this often results in the establishment of new resources and new applications for existing resources


Axial: triangular (wedge-shaped) in nature, most prominent in application to mental/ emotional/ "mind" domain, requires that the manifold elements coming up against it go through a pivot, a decision point, with a "rigid" element this requires shifting one way or the other, while a more malleable element may divide itself among the two directions, this often results in branching off to establish more diverse or new directions of pursuit.


Vortexial: circular in nature, most prominent in application to spiritual/ intangible/ "spirit" domain, causes inward recursion in the manifold elements that are flowing in proximity to it, those in proximity to it form vortexial eddy currents through their inward recursion, and additionally those close to the eddy currents are drawn toward them, those subject to a vortexial barrier recurse further and further inward until they come to a point, at which time they continue to be carried forward by the flows of those elements surrounding them, this often results in purification and a strengthening of both capacity and capability.


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