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Part 4 of 10: Pollution

Viktor Schauberger worried about energy pollution. Modern technology uses heat to make energy, factories expel hot fumes into the air, and studies show that appliances such as microwaves, mobile phones and wireless technology devices can release unseen electromagnetic frequencies.   Nature’s way of energy uses motion and temperature levels that are of lower frequency and much more efficient. Nature is not only independent of needing anything.

to complement its efficiency, but it is also designed to grow towards a higher level of efficiency, or “evolve”. Of course many scientists would agree that evolution is a fact. Why then, have we left the perfection of Nature behind to depend on less productive ways? Many people are waking up to the perspective that this just doesn’t make sense. Not only is some of our technologies harming us but many of them aren't even needed. The side effects of our new world inventions are also having detrimental impacts on the subtle energy of water and therefore almost everything else that is living on the planet.

It has been observed that when an all-natural community changes its diet to the more modern type, health declines. An example of my own was witnessing a Japanese exchange student come to America to study at a University for a couple years. He went from eating rice, vegetables and very little animal protein to fast food, sugar and packaged processed food. He gained quite a bit of weight over just a few months, enough so his family did not recognize him when he returned to Japan.

Big cities of course have more of all this pollution, but as Schauberger feared, it is getting into the natural water supply and spreading to even less populated areas. The entire globe has now been exposed to it. So now “dead water” is flowing into natural water sources. How can we turn it around? Following Nature’s upward-evolving pattern just makes sense. Nature is better in every way. If we want to evolve instead of devolve, we need to get our Structured Water back! Without living water, Earth and every living thing on it may continue to decline.

We need to question the current system of our industrial world. Why do we remain reliant on insufficient energy sources? Our society has been largely conditioned to think that this is the only option. But this system is expensive and the costs of inefficient energy continue to rise. There is still time to choose another way. For water, Structured Water units are providing an efficient way of structuring water and its one way we can bring natures design back into our lives.

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