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Part 6 of 10: Water's Cycle

The beauty of water’s cycle is so miraculous and wonderful! It is Earth’s circulation system and requires as little pollution as possible to work at its fullest potential. Bodies of water evaporate into the air, where the water molecules form clouds and rain. The rainwater travels in streams and ends up in more bodies of water. Temperature is an important factor in the cycle of water as well. While forming clouds at high altitudes, the water molecules cool

considerably given their location. It is important for the temperature of the earth to be cool enough for the ground and to be able to absorb it the rain. As pollutants rise, temperatures rise and our ecosystem struggles. With plant and forest removal, the ground-cooling system is affected. This situation has been noted to be the cause of flooding and hurricanes close to bigger bodies of water and droughts and very cold nights for areas that are away from bigger bodies of water. Along with absence of plants to cool the ground, the larger bodies of water with absorb the nutrients from the soil and the ground will no longer be fertile for future plants. But when water is allowed to function with regular temperatures as it has been doing for many centuries, life abounds on the planet!

On page 121 of Hidden Nature, the steps of the “half cycle” are listed in contrast to what we already know is the “full cycle” in order to explain exactly how it has changed:

            -Evaporation from oceans

            -Rising water vapor

            -Cooling and condensing

            -Formation of clouds

            -Precipitation as rain

            -No infiltration due to negative temperature gradient

            -Rapid runoff over the ground surface

            -No groundwater recharge

            -Sinking water table---in the long term

            -Cessation of natural supply of nutrients to vegetation

            -Under certain conditions, major flooding can occur

            -Excessively fast re-evaporation

            -Oversaturation of atmosphere with water vapor

            -Rapid re-precipitation as storm rain

Schauberger would suggest replanting to bring the Earth back to its original functionality, keeping in mind that we plant the right plants for the nutrients in that specific area. Once new plants are in place, they will reabsorb the nutrients that the water removed from the soil through their long roots. In this miraculous way, water in nature really does heal itself! So in order to keep our lands fertile and continue to grow crops, an appreciation and application for this water cycle is highly beneficial. And of course, as the Earth returns to its natural cycle the water will be more easily structured and safe to drink once again as nature intended. This could be the greatest accomplishment the Earth and its water supply has witnessed yet, if it could be respected and returned to where it started from!

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