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Part 8 of 10: Water Supply

8of10Clean drinking water is in high demand! Several third world countries are suffering with lack of clean water, and many diseases and even death are resulting from this. Many large cities are rationing their water and reusing it up to twenty times. Less than 0.5% of Earth’s water is available to us.

So how can we help this situation? We can learn how to properly store water. 

Schauberger advised that water storage containers should emulate a shape that fits into nature, although that could be a challenge given the needed size. In order for the water to keep moving, Viktor suggested the shape of an egg. It should also be white to reflect the Sun’s heat. Stone, wood or clay work best:

“The ancient Greeks understood this, and kept their water (and wine) in amphorae, egg-shaped vessels that allowed the liquid to breathe. In many amphorae discovered in archaeological digs, grains have been found to be preserved so well after 2000 years that they germinated when planted, proving the effectiveness of the egg-shape for preservation.” (Hidden Nature, pp. 162-163)

The best place for an egg-shaped tank would naturally be underground, but it seems the Greeks were onto something with their clay jars. If the area you live in does eventually go through a drought, these backup egg-shaped vessels may just be what keep you supplied with healthy water.

Schauberger designed a wooden water main that on the inside caused the water to flow in a vortex-like fashion, purifying itself and eliminating the need for anything else to be done to the water to purify it. In this same way, Clayton Nolte has invented the Structured Water Unit, which is great for purifying our drinking water and returning life to our bodies. With inventions like this one, change is just around the corner! Once again we can celebrate life and enjoy all we have; abundance will flow! The magic of water when it is being re-energized is truly an inspiring concept. It mimics the way our own bodies cleanse themselves, and after all, the human body is mostly made of water!

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