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Natural Action Water

Natural Action Technologies, also known as Natural Action Water, is Clayton Nolte's leading edge manufacturing company. Natural Action Water manufactures Clayton Nolte's Wu Wei Structured Water Unit's. Structured Water Unit, LLC is an official distributor for Natural Action Technologies products. Watch Clayton Nolte the creator of the Wu Wei Structured Water Unit



The Energy of Natural Action Water


Natural Action Water is proud to utilize the EPI/GDV device, scientifically validating cutting edge biofield technology, to see and analyze the energies in water.


See the difference below of Natural Action Water from a Structured Water Unit:


Now see the difference it made with a person after drinking Natural Action Water:


BEFORE                                                                                  AFTER



Natural Action Water for Plants


  • Improves the ability of plants to withstand lower freezing temperatures (down to 26 degrees F).
  • Bio-mass in crops and gardens may increase 27-40%.
  • Reduces anaerobic bacteria in & on plants.
  • Longer lasting cut flowers.
  • Can increase the nutrient density.

Natural Action Water

In short, Natural Action Dynamically Harmonized Water is better water. By energetically neutralizing impurities and breaking water down into its simplest form, the Wu Wei Structured Water Unit makes it easier to absorb and receive the maximum benefits of this life-giving fluid.



  • Erases toxic memories.
  • Energetically inhibits the bio-availability of toxins and increases the bio-availability of nutrients
  • Is coherent and has a lower surface tension, allowing it to be absorbed effortlessly into all your cells.
  • Tastes wetter, silkier, smoother and better!
  • Neutralizes the effects of pollutants.
  • Reduces existing calcium and aggregate deposits
  • Prevents and removes corrosion increasing the life span of pipes, hot water heaters, swamp coolers, dishwashers, water heating systems, ice makers and other appliances.
  • Increases aerobic (good) bacterial activity in all septic and sewage systems and reduces anaerobic (bad) bacteria.
  • Returns water to its inherent potential state.


Natural Action Water manufactures various Structured Water Units; from portable units, shower units, garden units, through large domestic and commercial units. Along with the original versions below, we now also sell Dynamically Enhanced versions.

Portable Units

Natural Action Water Portable Unit

The Natural Action Water Portable Unit is the answer when you want to enjoy the benefits of an energy infusion when you’re out and about, whether around town, at a local restaurant, or on the road.


  1. When traveling, use for structuring your drinking water.
  2. Structuring juices of any kind (apple, grape, grapefruit, etc) brings more flavor to the juice.
  3. Small enough that it can be taken to a restaurant to structure your water and any other beverages you order.
  4. Structuring wine and alcohol that has an edge to it will smooth it out.

Shower Units

Mini Shower

Super Shower


The Natural Action Water Shower Unit is a convenient way to bathe in Structured Water. It can also be used to fill your portable drinking water container.


  1. For showering and bathing in Structured Water.
  2. For filling water containers.
  3. Can be used as a portable unit.
  4. Take with you when you travel.

Under the Sink Units

Natural Action Water Under the Sink Unit

The Natural Action Water Under the Sink Unit is a convenient way to have Structured Water at your faucet. Great for cooking and drinking water.


  1. For cooking with Structured Water.
  2. For filling water containers.
  3. For washing your produce in Structured Water.


House Units

Natural Action Water House Unit


The Natural Action Water House Unit is a convenient way to have Structured Water throughout your home.


  1. For showering and bathing in Structured Water.
  2. For having Structured Water available throughout your home.
  3. It can be placed on a wells holding tank.
  4. It can be used in barns for watering livestock.

Garden Units

Natural Action Water Garden Unit


 is a convenient way to have Structured Water for your garden and produce. Extraordinary results have been obtained by watering plants with Structured Water.


  1. For watering your garden.
  2. Can be used for your hot tub.
  3. Can be used on your RV or bus holding tanks to create Structured Water.
  4. It can be placed on lawn watering systems for green grass.


Commercial Units

Natural Action Water Commercial Unit


The Natural Action Water Commercial Unit is a convenient way to have Structured Water throughout your business.


  1. This unit can be used for farms, hotels, restaurants, factories, etc.
  2. You can place this unit on your swimming pool pump to continuously circulate Structured Water.
  3. Can be used for Structuring  large amounts of fluids that use a 2″ pipe.

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