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Benefits of Structured Water

Although it is taken for granted much of the time, water is the single most important reason there is life on Earth, and that it continues to thrive. Its vital properties go way beyond just those of being a universal solvent. Its molecular properties are profound, and unlike any other compound. We are only now beginning to understand some of those properties. One of those properties is a natural phenomenon referred to as structured water.

For a long time, most health-conscious people, and researchers alike, were under the impression that our bodies required pure water, that is, water that has nothing in it other than one hydrogen atom bonded to 2 oxygen atoms, in a particular matter. From the late 1960s to the present, the 'Health-Craze' has created a huge market for bottled water purporting to be as pure as possible, with all gases and solids removed. Millions of filtration systems are installed in homes, specifically to make the water as 'pure' as possible. We were told that this would make us healthy, so why do we still have the same medical problems?

As often happens, someone got curious, and did a little light research. By comparing water from natural sources with the processed water that we normally consumed, and the water present in the human body tissues, they discovered that the 'pure' water was actually not being used as efficiently, and the body was not getting all the benefits it should be. The conclusion is that organisms are not designed to use 'pure' water (Freedman W. Cope-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Evidence using D2O for Structured Water in Muscle and Brain; Biophysical Journal, Volume 9, Issue 3, 303-319, 1 March 1969).

If you think about it for a minute, it makes perfect sense, because 'pure' water does not exist in nature. It takes a lot of processing to make water 'pure'. Perhaps there are things in the water that we are meant to use. Any naturopath will tell you that most things we use are created by nature exactly as we are designed to use them. When we tinker with the 'natural' process, then we pay a price with our health. In this day of Genetically-Engineered foods, over-medication, and chemicals everywhere, I would agree, up to a point. Pesticides, artificial fertilizers, heavy steroids used in agriculture, and other common practices are not good for us.

But, there are things that are not only harmless, but even some that we need to survive. Our bodies either make them, or we intake them in the food we eat, and what we drink. Some minerals, vitamins, and other things are essential, and mostly have to be taken in to the body. Further study on this led to the new field of structured water

Natural water has all sorts of things bonded to it, and the molecules themselves bond to each other in a different way than processed water. It is bonded in such a way that free oxygen atoms are also present in larger numbers. Oxygen is one of the body’s main catalysts. Nature creates this with rain, and moving water, such as streams moving over rocks, that clean the water, and enrich it with minerals and free oxygen, as well as makes it alkaline. The body has a hard time using acidic water, which is what most commercial and filtered water becomes.  This is natural structured water. The body uses it much more efficiently.  It is what we are designed to use.

This is a very simplified explanation, but technically, we seem to be designed to use a form of heavy water, referred to chemically as D2 O. There are different types of heavy water, such as that used to enhance the fission of nuclear devices.  They differ by the way the molecules are bonded. It would be more accurate to call structured water 'oxygen-enhanced water. It is a fairly new concept, and still being studied, but there are devices already on the market to convert water to the more beneficial form. 

There are many benefits to structured water. Experiments at the Volga Research Institute in Russia resulted in a 28%+ increase in the size of vegetables and grains irrigated with structured water, compared to those watered with standard processed water. There are some preliminary studies that show measurable improvements in body functions, and over-all health.

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