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Liquid Crystalline Water

Liquid Crystalline Water Interview with Ellen Brown and Clayton Nolte.

Ellen: Okay what is liquid crystalline water?

Clayton: Liquid crystalline water okay. What about it?

Ellen: What is it? Is that the name for the bonding?

Clayton: Liquid crystal…you know everybody is creating terms out there so they can patent the terms.

Ellen: Okay great because I was thinking wow I didn’t ever hear this one before and it’s all over the book ‘Dancing with Water’ so it just kind of threw me for a second. By the way I didn’t really think this up before now so that’s why I wanted to ask about it.

Clayton: You can look at water as being liquid crystal, it is liquid, but it’s also life. It’s the elixir of the sun. It’s the elixir of creation. What is hydrogen in water? Try to capture hydrogen. Hydrogen and oxygen I’m sorry. You can’t capture hydrogen. It’s impossible to capture it. Yes you get more hydrogen. You get hydrogen at the level nature requires. The optimium performance of hydrogen.

Ellen: Which is what is lacking in the water given by water plants and city sewers?

Clayton: It is not lacking in the water.

Ellen: It’s not?

Clayton: No it’s not. Water contains every component that is necessary for it to be water: hydrogen and oxygen. The thing about it is, as water passes through you, the water picks up the memory of everything that you are, you think, that is within you, all the toxins you take in, all the medications you take in. And as the water passes through you it carries those memories with it. And when it goes into the sewer it picks up the memories of everything that it comes across. When it goes back into the processing plant, it’s still holding onto those memories. 

Now in the processing plant in the community they are operating as they’ve always operated under the old paradigm. The old paradigm is thinking that everything is physical. So you have a chemistry test which is a physical test for looking at the physical world, and they assume that if they remove the physical world, the water is pure. However, memory is what? What is memory? What is your memory? What is the memory of everything that happens to you? It’s energy. It comes to you in the form of energy. It comes to water in the form of energy. 

There is currently no one…well there’s a few researchers that are looking at memory. Let’s talk about memory. There’s no way to eliminate memory in the water other than the turn (vortex spin). You know the way that the universe or the world would structure water before we screwed it up is through the ionic exchange of evaporation through the atmosphere and gets recreated as rain and rains down and memories are erased through that process. However, as it’s passing back down through the atmosphere again it picks up the memory of all the contamination that’s in the air.

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