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What is Structured Water?

With all the hype about structured water spreading across the web these days it's time to shed some more light on this question: What is Structured Water?

In the world of water purification Structured Water is water that has been purified vibrationally in order to neutralize toxins. Water in nature is also typically structured. That's where the inspiration for most water structuring devices comes from. As water runs over rocks and dances around curves and corners the water spins and this spinning can structure water. There are many amazing devices today that can do the same thing by emulating nature and vortexing the water. Once the pollution is gone, water can resume its natural structure. Vibrational pollution is a program or memory of water.

Some may try to erase pollution by the distillation process. This process is not optimal because vital minerals have been removed through boiling and evaporation in addition to any molecule structure. Reverse osmosis water also has been depleted of most beneficial minerals. If our body does not get the minerals it needs, it may not function at its highest potential. When we recycle our water without letting it go through nature’s cleansing cycle of evaporation, rain and flowing in streams or through a water structuring device like a Natural Action Structured Water Unit we may still be consuming vibrational or energetic pollution. When water is structured it is re-balanced, just like in nature.

Water is what we depend on for every bodily function and ultimately for survival. Researchers are finding that structured water is better absorbed by our cells than unstructured water. A person drinking unstructured water can still be dehydrated because the size of the water molecules that have not been structured may not be as effective for cell absorption.

Water is great at balancing temperatures. This is the reason we can be in extreme cold or hot weather and survive a fairly drastic temperature change. It is understood by many that structured water is more efficient at balancing and therefore helps an organism survive longer. 


To help understand the comparison between structured and unstructured water, the Wolfe Clinic website states: “The difference between normal water (a structural conglomerate) and hexagonally-structured water (an organized matrix) is similar to the difference between a piece of quartz and a quartz crystal. Although they are chemically the same (both silicon dioxide), a piece of quartz is structurally random, with an almost opaque appearance. On the other hand, quartz is organized in perfect geometric symmetry and is ‘crystal’ clear.” 

Another name for structured water is “liquid crystalline water". Water’s similar communicative properties to quartz, a crystal, make it known as a liquid crystal. Some potential benefits of this type of water are better metabolism, DNA strengthening, more energy and a better ability to hydrate the cells. 

The way structured water carries information through its powerful vibrations can make all bodily functions perform at an increased level. Structured water can also bring energy balance to the body. Studies with a GDV machine show that running water through a structuring device like a Natural Action Structured Water Unit will increase the biophotonic energy in water. It is also perfectly balanced with masculine and feminine energy, and gives over this organizational quality to each cell that absorbs it.

You would potentially see more energy in the body’s ability to function because structured water just naturally has the strength to hold more energy in what it is doing. Structured water has been verified by spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, electron microscopes, computer simulation models, and scanning tunneling microscopy. The way the world views water in relation to health and energy is beginning to change thanks to many scientific studies.

It looks like structured water is proving to be worth the hype with all the new scientific studies and customer testimonials about Natural Action Structured Water Units pouring in (no pun intended).


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