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Vibrations of Water

Vibrations of Water Interview with Ellen Brown and Clayton Nolte.

Ellen: Can we just talk for a few minutes about releasing vibrations or just talk about vibrations of water?

Clayton: Well the vibrations are memories. That’s what’s created in the vibrations and structured water vibrations are that of the absolute flow or divinity of the water. It is liquid sunshine. 

The sun is the energy of creation. Everybody is trying to take a portion of it, break it down and sell it. Do you know that the majority of the plants that you plant in your garden, they assimilate a minimum of their creation energy from the sun, which is about 20% and that’s only because the conditions that they’re growing in are not complete or pure, not absolute. Plants that are highly evolved, humans potentially, can assimilate the majority of all they consume from the sun. A lot of plants, especially when they have perfect vibration, they can assimilate 80-90% of their nutrients from the sun and air.

If there weren’t water in air you wouldn’t be able to breathe. It’s just H2O, that’s just hydrogen and oxygen.

Ellen: I was just reading last night and I don’t remember where about hydrogen and it’s becoming more depleted in our time frame right now. Is that true?

Clayton: Impossible. Because hydrogen is in all things. It’s the first element. Hydrogen is in all things. Without hydrogen nothing would exist. You wouldn’t exist on this planet if it weren’t for hydrogen. So no.

Ellen: I thought all of life’s energy is created by oxygen in your manual.

Clayton: In the physical world, yes.

Ellen: Okay so I guess I just need to think that one through to get that in my brain because I don’t have that completely worked out.

Clayton: Well the brain needs oxygen. 90% of the oxygen you breathe goes to your brain so it needs oxygen to function.

Ellen: the potential of hydrogen is the 2 parts hydrogen 1 part oxygen and I thought that’s what structuring does, is increases the potential of hydrogen.

Clayton: Structuring allows the water to dance, to spin. When the water spins to the left it creates a certain energy. When it spins to the right it creates a certain energy and when those energies are balanced that’s the creation of energy, the water becomes free again in the first turn of the water when it flows through one of these devices, basically all of the memory is erased or neutralized.

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