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Unintended Consequences of Processed Water

Interviewer: We are with Clayton Nolte talking about structured water. Another aspect we realize that water is everywhere outside of us and outside of each cell and inside and the condition of the water in all those places is important but its not just with us it's also with the food we eat, its what we intake as materials that we use to prepare those foods to build water in everything and the status is important and people are using all kind of methods even commercial applications. 

Reverse osmosis is one place where water is being man handled to enforce water to do our bidding and there is a cost that we are finding out and part of it are the effects of the imbalanced state, that the water is in  dance between acidity and alkalinity and there are chemical consequences.

Clayton:  Yes and reverse osmosis is very common especially now because the need for water is growing, the population’s demand for water is growing and its causing municipalities to go deeper for water and the deeper you go in the sense there is a lot of lingering stuff down there so in order to make the water clean from the prospective of the technology that is available reverse osmosis has been a very significant aspect in removing the stuff from the water there is a problem with that however because when you remove the stuff from my studies and a physics point of view when you remove the stuff you still have the memory of the stuff and that memory is a great deal of the information that goes into our bodies.

Interviewer:  So you are saying that cells are the ones that really are the inner consumers and the processors of what we consume so when I eat an apple the body is breaking that apple down so you are saying that its not that miniature piece of apple that the cell is taking in?

Clayton:  One of these days as part of our interview we will show the difference of how big a cell actually is and how big a water molecule is and how big the information is from an apple. It’s the information that goes in primarily to make the metabolic and the changes within the cell.

Interviewer:  I see and then that makes sense too when we talk about DNA but if I can come up with a metaphor to appreciate that the DNA would essentially have a list of all of the components materials and everything else that is needed to create a healthy you and me for all the aspects whether a toe or anything else the instructions are there but so essentially when that cell is taking in information that information is compared against the information on the list that the DNA and often times if it’s a direct match you are going to get a correct manifestation of chemicals, synthetics especially the ones that are like what we think are unnatural they are never really the same.

Clayton:  They can’t be, chemical or chemically or let’s say replicating nature is impossible. Medications normally most medications come out of nature, Aspirin for instance is a part of a tree but yet when you duplicate it, when you try to digitize something it can never be identically the same to the original.

Interviewer:  So that means it’s only sampling some of that information and the whole of the information is what makes the information valid.

Clayton:  So getting back to water, we got off the subject and we could go on and on and on like I said this is like unlimited possibility, the key in the water that we consume is that it should be as close to nature as to be balanced and even if we are drinking reverse osmosis water or ionized water which is electrocuted water to me but whatever water you are drinking your body in its perfection has the ability to change everything to be perfect. Now why don’t we do that and why can’t we do that? Well the big reason is because we are facing so much stress. We are being stressed by the air we breathe. We are being stressed by the water we drink. We are being stressed by the conditions around us whether its work or whether its play or whatever it is but everything is stressing the human body to not be in a place of perfect function. You know we hear a lot about people drinking high pH water because they assume that when they are drinking high pH water if you are in distress disease, YES it is very significant, it can be a significant possibility in reversing your stress but if your body is not in stress and not in disease drinking high pH water for a prolonged period of time is not necessarily good for the body.

Interviewer:  Yeah I see that and actually I see too that taking in high pH water if you are taking a bath would be wonderful. The problem is that most people drink it and they pay a lot of money for a system that will give them just a glass of high pH water and its going to go into the gut and the gut is supposed to be acid so it's like oh ok how do work that out?

Clayton:   And you know when you are flushing your system flushing places in your body that need to be acidic you know its not a good scene so I am not a doctor so I can’t say, its just my opinion that its just not a good scene. So again our Structured Water Units really make water as balanced as it can possibly be in the short run and if you think about it these whole home units, it will make the water for a whole household very very significant in your life, it will actually change the molecular structure of everything that passes through it.

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