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Everything You Wanted (or Not) To Know About Conventional Water Treatment

Without water, there would be no life on the planet. Along with air, it is the most vital substance there is. Our bodies use water to facilitate various chemical processes, transport materials and chemicals where they are needed, remove wastes and toxins, maintain body temperature and pH, and much more. Just a few days without the required amount of water in the body, and serious health problems result.

Water is so vital that great steps have been taken to ensure that everyone has an ample supply at all times. Modern plumbing, water delivery systems, and the process of water treatment itself, are marvels of engineering and science. And considering what they have to work with, they do a pretty good job. They have always operated under the premise that water should be as “pure” as possible.  To this end, natural water is folded, spindled and mutilated beyond recognition in order to remove, or kill any trace of anything other than hydrogen and oxygen. 

Water treatment procedures are a lot like sausage may be better not to know too much about how it’s done. Modern water treatment is done in 5 stages:    

  • Coagulation-alum and other chemicals are added to the water to form small sticky particles called floc, which attract solid particles. The combined weight of the floc and solid particles become heavy enough to sink to the bottom during sedimentation.


  • Sedimentation - the heavy particles and floc are allowed to settle on the bottom, and the clear water moves on to the filtration stage.


  • Filtration - the water is passed through many different types of filters to remove anything larger than a water molecule.  This also destroys the water molecule structure.


  • Disinfection - chlorine, fluoride, and chemicals are added to the water to kill off anything that might have survived the previous stages, and also to retard mold, moss and algae growth in the pipes.   


  • Storage - the water is stored in closed tanks for disinfection, then run through pipes into homes and businesses.

We are only now beginning to realize that conventional water treatment removes things in the water we need such as trace minerals, and the hexagonal liquid crystalline structure that our bodies require. Tap water is no longer at the proper alkaline pH that we need, devoid of essential trace minerals, and the body has to process the water extensively to be able to use it, putting vital and limited body resources under excess stress. Many common chronic conditions are suspected of being at least partially caused by tap water. However, science is just now discovering cutting edge water treatment technology such a water structuring devices which may be the answer to cleaner more efficient water treatment in the world.

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