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Part 5 of 10: Water's Definition

shauberger5-10Schauberger viewed water as a living organism. Our world today views it as something we can just use for any purpose that serves us, including dumping waste in it and changing its natural paths. This same organism can give life and take it away in the course of a natural disaster. Water must be respected just as much as human life! Victor was very connected to the life force of water:

“As a young man, searching for inspiration in his beloved forest, Viktor was sitting quietly by the bank of a pristine stream when he unexpectedly found that his consciousness entered the water. It connected with an intelligence in the water that spoke to him. It told him what movements it needed to make in order to stay healthy, and under what conditions. It was from this mystical experience that he built up his awareness of how healthy water is essential for the creation and maintenance of all life. Water needs to flow in a particular dynamic way, and must not become overheated. Movement and temperature are the key criteria for water, and therefore for all life.” (Hidden Nature, pp. 105-106)


Viktor was ridiculed for his experiences and opinions on water, especially the theory that water holds memory, and even if science could take out all the pollutants with filters or reverse osmosis, that the memory would still pollute our energy bodies. This could be human thought, but also the harsh way in which the water had been flowing through the industrial streams and pipes up to that point, becoming unstructured in the process. Schauberger noticed that even in tiny streams, the water moved with a pulse. Just as blood purifies itself from disease when working properly, water purifies itself in the way it flows. Then again, blood is made up of mostly water. Have you ever wondered why relaxation music often includes the sound of rain, ocean, or bubbling brook? It is because even the calm way water works in nature is soothing to our nervous system, giving our minds and bodies a rest from a busy day of actions, thoughts and worries.

What is exciting is that there are now ways to photograph water’s structure, so that we can absolutely know the real science behind the claims. On page 107 of ‘Hidden Nature’ (Bartholomew, author) shows pictures of water molecules from different sources. Living spring water has movement in it that looks like a flower blossoming. Industrial water is completely flat with no movement; dead water. That same water source, after going through a natural stream, has the exact same structure as the living spring water, which supports the “natural movement equals structure and life” theory. Magnetic resonance imaging is the next level of viewing water and it is already happening.

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