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Part 2 of 10: Structured Water's Motion & Memory


Nature’s way of structuring water is to have it move in a coned vortex pattern, starting from the outside to twist and move towards the center, a force which then propels it forward, cooling and condensing it at the same time. Modern technology uses heat and friction to move water from the center to the outside, a system that is inefficient and uses more water and energy than is necessary. That is why a mountain stream is so efficient, quiet

and cool as it rapidly moves and structures itself over and over as it twists over the rocks. It is also why using structured water for any purpose will require less of it!

Schauberger predicted that the further away from nature humankind traversed, the more unbalanced our civilization would become. We are seeing his predictions come to light now. We have much disease and neurological chemical imbalances in our population. Without nature’s balance, “we have attracted the darker energies of degeneration, with increasing disorder and violence as the outcome.”

The technology we are seeking now is called ‘free energy’ technology. This would include anything that is modeled after nature’s example and requires little or no maintenance, thriving on the elements and natural movements themselves to do the work they were designed to do. Although Schauberger’s models were all destroyed after World War II, there are some who are working on new similar models, one of them being Clayton Nolte.

Since most of society's current technology uses heat and gives off a lot of excess waste, such as CO2 in the process, we are contributing to the global warming situation. This situation, along with our spiritual decline and quality of life, is something Viktor predicted over 70 years ago. 

Why is there such a difference between modern technology and nature’s technology? Nature uses subtle energy while man-made machines use loud, extreme energy. We as humans have viewed planet Earth as ours to harvest with machines, while missing the bigger picture that we are all connected and the Earth is just a small part of this very large Universe. The unseen subtle energies that run this existence are simple, but when overlooked or forgotten, chaos ensues. Nature’s vortex is just one of these purifying energies.

Since water also holds memories, this vortex purifies the water of those too, whether negative or positive. Thought is energy too. Have you ever grown tired just thinking about everything you have to do the next day, or being angry with someone? Have you ever felt energized when seeing someone in need being helped? This is how thought energy works. Now imagine taking in dead water that is carrying probably more bad than good memory, since our society is slowly leaning towards spiritual decline as it leaves nature’s example. Wouldn’t you prefer structured, pure, healthy water that is more efficient in every way?

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