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GDV Observational Study of Sports Drink and Portable Unit

Natural Action Technologies, Inc.
Observational Study #2
Sports Drink

At Natural Action Technologies, Inc., we are looking at the observational and statistical evidences of the quality of structured water produced from the NAT structured water units with the workings of the human energy fields. Here is a very real and fascinating observational example of just how quickly liquids and, in particular, the liquids structured with Natural Action Structuring Units positively influence the human energy field.

This testing was done with the Gas Discharge Visualization Camera and GDV Software programs described and demonstrated in NAT Observational Study #1 Kidney Dehydration.

In Study #2, we tested a physically fit, 33-year-old male for effects from a nationally known sports drink and then the same drink structured with NAT’s Portable Unit. Three images from the GDV’s Virtual Chakra and another three from the Energy Diagram Software Programs are offered here: 1) baseline before testing, 2) after 1 oz. of sports drink, and 3) after 1 oz. of sports drink structured with a one time pass thru Natural Action’s Portable Unit.

The concept of chakra is revered in the tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism since at least 2 BC. Chakras are thought of as energy collection centers of the body. They have connections to major organs and endocrine glands that govern the body. A small offering of their relationships to the body is given here for a brief and simple understanding:

7) Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra - hypothalamic-pituitary axis - pure consciousness
6) Ajna: The Brow Chakra - pineal gland - intuition, sleep
5) Vishuddha: The Throat Chakra - thyroid, communication
4) Anahata: The Heart Chakra - thymus, love, passion
3) Manipura: The Solar Plexus Chakra - pancreas, digestion, personal power, growth
2) Swadhisthana: The Sacral Chakra- ovaries/testes, sex, reproduction, creativity
1) Muladhara: The Root Chakra- gonads, adrenals, grounding, security, stability

Now, let’s take a look at the GDV Chakra images:

Image 1. GDV Chakra Baseline Before Testing. Male, 33

This first (baseline) image shows 3 out of 7 Chakras lined up on the central line, and 4 other chakras to the right of center though still within green (normal) limits. This is usually the person going inward emotionally to find solutions to problems in their life. Again, this is before any liquids were consumed.

Image 2. GDV Chakra. Male, 33, After UNSTRUCTURED Sports Drink 1 Oz.

Now we see the effect of 1 oz. of the UNSTRUCTURED sports drink on our test subject. Notice how the chakras appear to be shotgunned out from the central line. Only one is now centered and normal. All the others have become smaller and only two are within normal limits. One is on the normal / abnormal parameter line. Three have now shifted way out to excessive limits. This is now the Chakra alignment of more extreme emotions, withdrawing inward to self or the inner family circle.

Image 3. GDV Chakra. Male, 33 After Structured Sports Drink 1 Oz.

The third picture in this series shows the immediate response of the subject after drinking 1 oz. of sports drink Structured with a one-time pass through the Natural Action Technologies, Inc. Portable Unit. Notice that in less than a few minutes the chakras have all gone back into a normal lineup on the GDV machine with NAT Structured Water Unit.

Now, we can also look at the GDV Energy Diagram (Emotional) to see the same occurrences from a different GDV format. In this Emotional (as opposed to Physical) Energy Diagram, we can see specifically which organs and endocrine glands are being affected and how. Refer to NAT Study #1 for more understanding of the Diagram Interpretations.

Image 1. GDV Energy Diagram (Emotional) Baseline. Male, 33

Notice the angularity, especially the right side, and the excessively deep emotional deficiencies noted by the pointed angles in the pink and deeper pink. We know this person is experiencing a profound emotional state.

Image 2. GDV Energy Diagram (Emotional). Male, 33 After UNSTRUCTURED Sports Drink 1 oz.

Now the emotions on both sides have intensified into excessively deep emotional deficiencies, especially greater on the right side of the body.

Image 3. GDV Energy Diagram (Emotional). Male, 33 After Structured Sports Drink 1 oz.

In the third image of GDV Energy Diagram, as with Image 3 in the Virtual Chakra Program, we see a significant shift. It’s unbelievable that all these deep deficiencies have shifted out to near the 0.0 of normal line with just 1 oz. of the same liquid, now with structuring, in just a few minutes. The ONLY difference in the drink is that it has been structured!

Now, there is only one emotion (liver) showing deficiency. From these GDV indications we are seeing that the water or liquids generated from Natural Action Technologies, Inc. structuring units can shift people immediately back into normal GDV parameters.

We are not looking at the GDV alone for testing the effects of structured liquids to human energy dynamics. These GDV changes were also validated through testing with Applied Kinesiology and through Traditional Chinese Pulse Diagnosis and Korean Hand Therapy’s Yin Yang Pulse Diagnosis. The muscle tests of Yeast and Ileocecal Valve (ICV) points were weak before testing AND with the unstructured sports drink. They improved immediately with the structured drink, as well as the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) test going back to open regulation from just previously blocked (disregulation) with the unstructured drink.

With each pulse test, NAT’s structured sport drink brought pulses back to balance after being thrown asunder from the unstructured sports drink. This is an extremely significant marker! Much more could be discussed about this pulse topic alone in further studies.

With every venture with structured water and the GDV, is it not truth that we are inspired to immediately study 3 or more NEW topics of equal or greater scientific and health interest? For example, can we not say that the study of water and its effects to the emotions could cover a lifetime, if not several?

Lastly, and of greatest importance, what does the person feel in their body? With the structured drink, they noticed the taste of the beverage was smoother. Also, they noticed a more balanced feel to their body. We observed a greater grounding / calming of this person as well after the structured drink.

We respect that we are in an observational study here. This could appear completely differently for another person and their GDV reading. We haven’t even begun to touch the incredible bubble of possible scientific statistical analysis to further validate those minds of de rigueur.

There are so many studies to be done on all the limits of these structured waters and liquids, we could serve a study entree to each lab in the country and there would still be leftovers for the rest of the world. Point being, they couldn’t come close to touching all the questions arising here. It is truly inspirational and mentally compelling. We offer that structured water holds an exciting world of adventurous observational and scientific analysis for present and future generations.

For now, in this moment, this is a preliminary understanding of how Natural Action’s structured water can powerfully and positively influence our organ and endocrine energy centers daily; not only emotionally but physically, for young and old. The value and potential of Natural Action’s Technologies, Inc. structured water units, and the liquids generated from them, are still being discovered daily, as these GDV observations clearly demonstrate.

Natural Action Technologies, Inc. Research, 11/22/2012

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