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Hydrogen and Oxygen in Wu Wei Structured Water

Well, hydrogen and oxygen are what water is made of, H2O. H2O is a designator for water in a pure state. Actually if I remember right there’s 33 different molecular structures, 13 or so actual structures and I think 15 ions that are created in just pure water. When you start adding calcium or magnesium or potassium or even your thought to that water, it changes. The water is changing at such a rate and everything affects it. 

Everything is absorbed in it. Everything is part of it.

So again, I say this. When you dynamically harmonize water it creates a balance and that balance of hydrogen for human beings is around 7.25-7.45, in that range, alkaline.   

When you put it through one of these devices it raises the pH to nominally 7.5, maybe 7.8. If you have a carbon filter or some sort of filter, hydrogen is attracted to carbon. So if you have a filter in line with the water it will reduce the hydrogen by about one point. That’s our observation.   

So it’s still significant. It would be 6.5 or 6.8 or whatever. Know this. No matter what you consume your endocrine system balances the pH of everything you consume. So if you’re semi-healthy and relatively young yet, your endocrine system is in full function. So it will bring your hydrogen of the food and everything you eat into perfect balance.   

The oxygen in the water, the oxygen is released because there is an exceptional amount of oxygen in the water. You’ll see that when you structure it. In glass especially you’ll see the bubbles that come to the sides of the water. When you consume that the primary place that oxygen goes is to your brain. Ninety-some percent of the oxygen goes to your brain. The level of oxygen is, again, high.   

If there’s adversity in the room after you have structure in the water, you leave it in a glass, and the adversity can be stress. It can be anger. It can be the carpet, which, by the way, generates toxins and hydrocarbons. It can be the furniture. It can be the walls. It can be all kinds of things in the house. As the water sits there, it’s trying to assimilate these negative or adverse energies. It will eventually take all the oxygen to do that, to hold onto those energies.   

So water, structured water, nature’s water, is designed to be used at the source, point of contact. We have a shower unit. You take a shower, instant hydration. Instantly enters your cells and instantly takes with it only the things good for life.

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