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Strawberry Fields: Part 1

Interviewer:  I am continuing  my studies on my appreciation for the potential and the power of having or taking in optimally structured living vital water and I am also realizing that water is something that is so fundamental to everything else as it relates to our health and well being.  

Now these are more than words these are words of experience from meeting people and seeing people and discussing and letting them share their own experience which is what we are about to do right now.

You are about to meet Joe Johnson he is a micro biologist who has seen some amazing results in a very short period of time using the Structured Water Unit.

I am in Port Hueneme California, one of the centers of the bread box of America and California growing is happening here and in this case on a wide space of strawberries and an amazing experiment is going on right now.

Joe Johnson:  This is a field that was picked this morning and the berries you are seeing are second choice that means they were either not big enough or red enough for them to consider picking them and putting them in a basket and shipping them off  and the nutrient quality on these berries is running about 20 % over the ones on that side that have had a couple of weeks to grow and be free of picking so the left overs from this field which has been documented to be poor quality are 20 % better than anything we found on the other side.

As far as the sugar goes these berries here are showing to have a higher nutrient value by about 20 % than the berries on that side which haven’t been picked. This is a plot that has been separated and only watered with structured water once so the one time that it was watered by structured water this field has jumped by 20%. It’s a 2 day time frame 48 hours.

Interviewer:  Let’s talk a little bit about structuring it from your prospective and what you see structuring is.

Joe Johnson:  The structuring unit seems to mimic to me the only equivalent that I can say it’s not changing the water in any way in the same way when you get rain from sky it’s the same chemically as the water that hits the ground, maybe the water in the ground has more salts in it but even if you purify those salts out still the water doesn’t have the same effect on plants so when they are talking about biophotonics and the energy level of water the only difference in the water is it is really the structure of the water that comes in when it falls from the sky.

Water falls from the sky it interacts with the oxygen of course in the air and the oxygen gets hit by the rays of the sun and collects a lot of energy, a lot of positive energy which is the difference between the positive energy in the atmosphere and the negative charges of the earth is what causes lightning and so what I am seeing is just that water is falling through the sky it picks up those positive charges and brings them into the earth and that’s why vegetables grow like crazy when your done and so it seems to be like this structured water unit is actually mimicking that natural process and the results are pretty evident to me.

Interviewer:  The beauty of this form of learning is that the plants which are taking this water in don’t really have an agenda and they don’t care who funded the study. It’s simply about energy. Animals are that way too, pets, cattle, the commercial applications, agriculture applications and potential and importance of using optimally structured water are immense and for that matter its actually even talking about industrial applications, we are just simply still yet to learn that. 

I talked to Joe Johnson just yesterday, a week after being out there with him in California, and the trend has continued. The strawberry’s in that area that are receiving structured water are now averaging over a nine (on a refractometer). They are higher than the best of the field before the unit was installed and he is seeing some other areas in fact Joe observed that structured water accelerates microbial metabolism microbial processes and this allows it to speed everything up but this is the way when the microbes are happy when they have the energy that they need they do their thing quicker and that also means they get results. There is one reason why plants grow faster and they are hardier because they are getting the full spectrum of the essential ingredient that they need and that actually is light.

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