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Drink Water

We all obviously know how important it is to drink water. Most of us have probably even heard that if you drink enough water you are going to maintain a healthy glow to your skin. However, today I would like to share a different benefit from drinking water that you may not have heard of before. Are you aware that if you consume enough water it could actually help you lose weight? It is true, when you drink water it can actually help you in shedding those unwanted pounds, and it does so in more than one way.

One of the first reasons why water may help you lose weight is because when you are properly hydrated, you are actually nurturing your body. It is very clear that our body needs water; after all, half of the human body is made of water. However, if you remain hydrated throughout the day you are aiding your body in some of its chemical processes. If you drink enough water, you will find it actually helps speed up your metabolism. Salynn Boyles from WebMD Health News reports, "Researchers in Germany report that water consumption increases the rate at which people burn calories."* Boosting the metabolic rate will also make you feel more energized. These are two massive benefits right there, so when you drink water your metabolism is increased and you get more energy.

A few clinical studies have proven that our sensations for both hunger and thirst are interconnected and can be confused. This means that if we are dehydrated, our body might actually mistake the sensation of dehydration for hunger. This will lead to you eating something when in fact all the body was lacking was fluids. You may actually be consuming more calories than you need on a daily basis simply because your body is confused. If you keep your body properly hydrated, this mistake is not going to occur, when you have a hunger sensation and are hydrated, you are more likely to actually be hungry.  Once you start eating less and drinking more you will start thinking you are fuller because of the water. The fact is that you are simply not letting your body trick itself anymore.

So not only does it provide you a healthy glow to your skin, it also can aid in you losing weight. When you drink water, the most important thing that you need to try and remember is to get the purest form of water possible. Without the purest water, you may be depriving yourself from some of the amazing health benefits that pure water can provide. The best possible way for you to know for sure that you have the purest water available to you is by drinking structured water. Structured water is balanced water, just like water in nature. A really great way to get structured water is to put a Structured Water Unit on your home. While it's obviously important that you drink water, it's also important to provide your plants, animals and appliances with great water like structured water which gets the water job done most efficiently.

Before trying any type of new diet it is recommended that you consult your physician.

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