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Water is the most abundant naturally occurring substance on the planet. It covers 71% of the earth’s surface, makes up over 70% of the human body, and is the only compound that exists in all three states of matter (ice, liquid, and steam, or vapor) at normal earth temperatures. It makes up a significant part of all organic material, and even some inorganic ones. Most substance can dissolve in it, making it a universal solvent.

Water is a molecule made up of two very common elements; hydrogen, and oxygen. Two oxygen atoms are bonded to a hydrogen atom. The chemical symbol for water is H2O. A water molecule has an atomic mass of 18 g/mol, and an atomic weight of 100,797 g/mol. A gallon of water weighs approximately 8.5 pounds. The hydrogen atom has a negative charge, and the two oxygen molecules are electronically negative. This makes it a dipolar molecule, meaning that it acts like a magnet to other polar molecules. This is what makes them mix, or dissolve. A few molecules are not polar, and they cannot mix with water, such as oil.

An interesting fact is that the water we drink today is the same that has been on earth for billions of years. The earth is a closed system, so nothing leaves. Your bottled water could've been consumed by a Neanderthal, or a dinosaur at one point. All of the H2O that has ever been on the planet is still here.

80% of all water used is for agriculture. The average household in the US uses about 125 gallons of it per day, mostly by flushing the toilet. As of 2010, 880 million people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water.

The human body uses water for eliminating wastes and toxins, regulating body temperature, transporting materials where they need to go, and to facilitate many biological processes. Without it, most people would be dead within a week. Humans lose about 2-1/2 quarts of water per day, through sweat, respiration, and urination. This has to be replaced or dehydration will result. By the time you are thirsty, you are already experiencing dehydration. A good way to stave off dehydration is to drink water when you wake up in the morning. This gets you off to a good start.

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