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Water Purifier Primer

Water is the most important compound on the planet. Without it, life as we know it cannot exist. Water is used by our bodies for almost every vital process. But in the modern world, in an effort to supply water in a safe form (relatively speaking), water is piped everywhere and then additives are used to kill bacteria, retard moss growth in pipes, and so forth. 

The actual long-term health effects of the additives are not fully understood, and many people decide to use a water filter to remove these additives.

There are several types of water purifiers on the market. Reverse osmosis is a water purifier system that was developed originally for use on submarines, to allow them to make fresh water from seawater, thus increasing the amount of time they could stay on patrol. Water is passed through a thin selective membrane under high pressure. This traps particles too large to fit through the pores in the membrane, which are in the micron range. This creates the purest water possible, except for distillation. Filtration involves the use of a filter made up of a substance that traps and absorbs chemicals and solids from the water. Carbon filters are the most common. This system has two drawbacks over reverse osmosis. The first is that it is a slow process, and the second is that the filters become saturated with the removed materials and have to be replaced periodically.

We hear a lot about “clean” drinking water, and are lead to believe that this is healthy. But the truth of the matter is that pure water does not exist in nature, or in your body. Water bonds with so many different things for a reason...because it is supposed to. We receive vital trace minerals through the water that we drink, and when it is at a natural pH level (which is alkaline), it keeps our body at the proper pH. Water that has gone through a water filter is probably going to be acidic.  Only some water purification systems, like the Structured Water Unit, can put water in the correct structure to be used efficiently by the body. 

Water can have different qualities, depending on how the molecules bond to each other. Organic processes require that water be in a structured, or hexagonal form to be small enough to pass through cell membranes. This occurs when 6 water molecules bond to each other with a common hydrogen bond. This creates a hexagonal shaped structure that is small enough to be used without modification. Any other type of water structure will be processed by the body into this form, using valuable and limited resources.

This is called structured, or hexagonal water. It is created in nature by fresh water passing over rocks and mineral-rich soil in streams and moving rivers. This allows the water to carry the vital trace minerals, at the proper pH, in a useable form. You can obtain significant health benefits by using a water purifier that can structure the water. 

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