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GDV Energy Field Test of an 83 Year Old Woman After Drinking Structured Water

GDV Energy Field Test of an 83 Year Old Woman After Drinking Structured Water

Natural Action Technologies, Inc.
Observational Study #1
Kidney Dehydration

Research Studies with Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Units and Feedback with The GDV Machine (Part 1 - GDV Energy Diagram)

Not many Americans have heard about Natural Action Technologies, Inc. incredible structured water units created and designed by inventor Clayton Nolte. Moreover, fewer have heard about the brilliant wonders of the Russian energetic testing device known as the GDV machine, short for Gas Discharge Visualization. Here’s a little brief that combines the two technologies to share an important realization about water for humanity.

The GDV has been in design since 1995 by a team of over 300 top Russian computer scientists, doctors, and physicists. It is able to show in a couple minutes, the energy readouts of the human body through Kirlian-type finger images that lend to emotional and physiological understandings of the human mind-body connection. It is also capable of measuring the energies of materials such as plants, animals, and substances like waters and oils.

As for the accuracy of this machine, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, leader of the invention and author of the book on GDV, Human Energy Fields, states in a GDV seminar, “If there’s a question of believing what the patient is telling you or the machine, believe the machine!” Many practitioners of the GDV have begun to experience and learn about the almost God-like capabilities of this analytically precise device, claiming to be accurate 98% of the time.

We here at Natural Action Technologies Research, Inc are studying the effects of structured water on many people, young to old, sick and healthy. Now, there are many parameters to structured water and to the GDV, and when combined lend themselves synchronistically to the following novel observations.

Here was one very interesting beginning case of the GDV showing the instant effect of 4oz. of structured water on the kidney of an 83 year old woman who was having back pain. Other things to note before we even tested her were the observations that her skin was very dehydrated, like a chicken skin sitting way too long under the deli heat lamp, and she was drinking scotch, and rather upset about the health of her husband, who had cancer. Not a very good health setting for anyone, even though the scotch was top shelf!

Picture 1. GDV Energy Diagram Baseline (Before Structured Water)

In Picture 1, we can clearly see that the right kidney is out to very excess parameters on the GDV Energy Diagram.

To understand this Diagram, please note the following GDV interpretations: Lines within the center dark pink area represent very deficient conditions while the lighter salmon colors also show deficiencies, though less so than those in the center. The blue green areas are considered normal parameters, with the 0.0 line being one of perfect health, if there is such a thing. Then, lines extending out to the yellow or beyond to the tan are considered dangerous conditions of excess, getting worse as they proceed outward to the perimeter of the circle. Dr. Korotkov warns that when one sees this, it is an indication of the necessity for treatment, as it is in his mind, a most significant indicator of problematical health conditions. Thus, these are foreboding conditions of health problems to be sure.

Thus, the right kidney is not in a very healthy state here, nor are the jaw, teeth, or throat / thyroid area.

We are very happy to be giving her 8 oz. of structured water (tap water run once through a NAT Portable Unit) to see the effect on these states. But she is only willing to drink 4 oz. of it. So, we retest her immediately after those meager 4 oz. 

Picture 2. After Structured Water 

In Picture 2, after the structured water, to our surprise, note that just 4 oz. of structured water has moved the previously obvious right kidney spike out of the dangerous excess zone, including the jaw / teeth, and nearly the throat area as well. It’s as if the structured water has protected her kidney with swift intent. We see this and other evidences in our research of how structured water goes to where it is needed first.

Now, one could certainly ask, "Couldn't a chlorinated city tap water have also done the same thing?" There’s a possibility, although this is a point-in-time observation. It's impossible to recreate the exact conditions and bring her back from the 4 oz hydrated state to the dehydrated place she was before, and do it over and over again, precisely and scientifically, with every type of water out there.

This research observer of structured water offers this observation through the experience of testing numerous people with structured water via various energetic modalities. Namely, it's possible to suggest that once a person has taken in structured water, they are no longer or will ever be the same person energetically again. Asked differently, Is there a veil of energetic virginity that is broken the first time one drinks the structured water?

With no intended disregard for scientific method or other types of water, one thing is for certain from this GDV testing. In a matter of less than 5 minutes, tap water structured with a one time pass through a Natural Action Technologies Portable Unit DID create significantly and rapidly a shift favorably in the energetic field!

Research Studies with Natural Action Technologies Structured Water Units and Feedback with The GDV Machine (Part 2 - GDV Energy Field)

Picture 3 Before Structured Water                       Picture 4 After Structured Water

As part of the same test, we also noticed that this woman’s GDV Energy Field readout changed immediately as well.

Note the before structured water baseline in Picture 3 (on the left) and the two obvious lacunas (blank spots) in the cerebral (back of head) area and the transverse colon (above navel region). The fringe of the energy field exhibits many spikes.

Then, in Picture 4, the blank spots are all but gone and, in general, her energy field is much smoother and with less spikes showing the immediate benefits of Natural Action Technologies Structured Water to the energetic field and for the health of humanity.

We plan to show more creditable observations through the GDV and its ability to show the beneficial energetic effects of the Natural Action Technologies Structured Water. We are beholding to the brilliant work of the talented teams of people who have come together to develop the GDV device.

Tim Toula
Natural Action Technologies Research Team

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