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Scientific Presentation of Structured Water

What this device does is it structures the water, softens it and it also changes the molecular state of the water. The Whole Home Structured Water Unit replicates about 10 miles of mountain stream and the Commercial Structured Water Unit replicates about 15 miles of mountain stream, what nature would do with water. 

Now water has memory in it everywhere it goes everywhere it touches it remembers it touches because its holographic its reflective and in a perfect world which we don’t live in anymore the water is allowed to go to the ocea be brought back up through the clouds fall on the trees fall on the mountains goes down the mountain stream and that process reboots and re-clears the memory of the water but what we are doing today is it goes from the switch plant back into the water table and it just circles here in the city, we never let it go to the ocean to re-clear itself or reboot.

This device will clear that as it goes through it, the water, water is clustered in that all the molecules are attached together in clusters. When you are drinking water you are not drinking single H2O molecule, they are clustered together 80 to a 100 molecules going into this unit and when it goes into this unit the water is moved against flow forms on the inside of this that are positioned geometrical symmetry spacing and we are using the motion of the water as the energy source there’s no electricity to this and there is no wooden part and because of that it will never wear out. What happens is the water comes into it and so if you put your ball and matter is moved against that ball what happens is it goes around it and then on the other side of it there is a vacuum there and it causes the matter to spin so we are creating centrifugal force in the inside of this chamber. You can picture if you are spinning and you spin really fast we all did this as kids you can feel your extremities getting heavy and if you are holding on to something and you spin really fast and let it go then what ever you are holding on to is going to go flying. That happens inside this chamber as well with the water. In the water clusters of the water are attached to calcium, to sodium, to potassium and attached to the calcium is the chlorine and the fluoride but in this process the water is spun and because calcium is of different density than water and the centrifugal force of that the water releases the calcium and changes the electromagnetic bonding capability of water or of the calcium rather so the calcium can no longer attach itself to anything or even itself it becomes a powder and a soft mineral, so that is how the process works of softening the water.

What qi (pronounced chi) energy is? It’s the same thing as prana, or life force energy or biophoton. It’s a suttle energy we all have, it is in our pores, our body, our body creates it and as the water goes through this unit we are creating the qi energy from the molecule of the water and we did some tests with the device for GDV. GDV is a device out of Russia and a doctor developed it over there and it’s a device that actually measures qi energy of anything that could be in this room, your body, a product or in this case we did water and we did a test from ground water from Taos, New Mexico and which was already good water, so it has already gone through that hydraulic cycle and this is one drop suspended over the lens and then we took a drop of water that had been ran through the Whole Home Structured Water Unit and there was a significant difference in energy (see picture below). That’s one drop of water, you can imagine drinking that water all the time.

A guy in Ohio with a strawberry farm this year has lost 3/4 of his crops to tornado and he watered the last 1/4 of his crops with structured water and you could see the strawberry plants are pretty large. The strawberries measured at 2 inches in length (see picture below) and when we go to the store we rarely see strawberries that are red to the top of the strawberry, they are usually white and before they get to the store they are usually white but what they do to make the strawberries red is they actually put them in a chamber and gas them to make them red, even the ones at certain natural food stores. The USDA in Ohio when they saw these strawberries 2 weeks before all the other neighbors with strawberries of this quality they said its impossible they didn’t believe it but there it was, it is possible. 

Another cool thing we found with testing basil plants we found that in extreme heat the structured water plant was able to withstand the extreme heat the tap water one the leaves were scorched. There is a dairy in queen creek where the cows went from drinking both 1300 gallons one day to 1200 the next day to 1400 the day after, the third or fourth day they would go binge drinking and drink about 4200 gallons of water and they have had this unit on there now for 2 weeks and its consistent they drank 1400 gallons a day everyday so its healthy for life, its good for life and a healthy body is a hydrated body.

One other thing I should mention is the surface tension of this water, we are changing actually the density of the water because of making the clusters smaller as it goes through here coming out of here the clusters are clustered to about 5 to 20 molecules per cluster instead of 80 or 100 and because of that the water is denser. If you were to take a bag of marbles all different sizes and put them in a cup they would take up that much volume if you took the smallest marble and made all that mass the same size of that marble it would take up less volume. So when a gallon of regular water would weigh 8 pounds 7.5 ounces, a gallon of structured water weighs 8 pounds 8.5 ounces, so you are gaining an ounce of weight and volume in a gallon of water, which is pretty significant.

What that means to life and people is that the water is able to enter your cells at the cellular level and hydrate you at the cellular level. In order for any water to go pass the cell membrane it has to be at a surface tension level of 46 dynes or below. Most water that we are drinking; distilledRO, bottled, is typically at 76 to 80 dynes. With the Whole Home Structured Water Unit the water dyne measurement is 43 so it's just below that level to allow the hydration to go back and forth pass the cell membrane and it also allows you to detox at a cellular level too.

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