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Dr. Russ Newman Video

Dr. Russ Newman, CL, PMD, a Certified Lymphologist and Holistic Doctor of Preventative Medicine, talks about the importance of structured water.



Dr. Russ Newman Video Transcript:

Holistic Doctor Endorses Structured Water

“I’m a holistic doctor and have taught natural healing and energy medicine for the last fourteen years. We have a hydration crisis in this country, and it’s very serious. People are drinking a lot of water but they’re not getting hydrated. So, in my hydration protocols, I combine specific minerals that the body needs to provide it with the life force energy to promote and support the energetic body so it can repair things exactly the way it’s supposed to; all organic and all naturally.”

“The Natural Action Structured Water is absolutely amazing, in my opinion and I’ve dealt with a lot of different waters over the years. There’s nothing on the market that’s going to take all the fluoride, all the chemicals, prescription drugs, and radiation out of the water and also change the structure of the water. The memory of the water is reverted back to it’s old state, the way it’s supposed to be; a natural state. It’s very powerful water. It has an antiseptic quality that just flat out destroys all pathogens: bacteria, viruses, fungus and mold. It’s just amazing for the human body, the system, for plants and animals. Everybody should be drinking it.”

“With clients, structured water can help speed heal the body very quickly. The Natural Action Structured Water Units are probably the most powerful delivery system we have. Any time you want to get something directly into the cells, you need a medium to do that. Structured water is the fastest way to get it directly into the cells. It really is. Anything you add to the structured water, like vitamins and minerals, will be quickly absorbed. Actually, the cells absorb structured water in ten seconds, so the healing process is much quicker. Everything in your body, your skull, bones, tendons, and ligaments, is made from minerals. The body needs to be hydrated on a daily basis and with structured water, the molecules are so small they go through the aquaporin channel and into the cells within ten seconds. You can’t do that with an R.O. system or distilled water or any system that filters water. That’s just not going to happen because the molecules are too large. Every day I hear people say, “I drink a lot of water, Doc.” Well, you may be drinking a lot of water but you’re not getting hydrated because the molecules are too large. With structured water, the molecules are very small and again, it hydrates the body within ten seconds. So it’s very exciting.”

“The Natural Action Structured Water, in my opinion, is the best water that everyone on the planet should be drinking. That also goes for animals and pets. Pets have a lot of kidney and bladder problems.”

The antiseptic qualities of the Natural Action Water are unbeatable, not like anything else. There are frequencies in the structured water. To understand frequencies, you must understand everything has a frequency. Right? Even pathogens have a frequency. When you drink structured water, the frequency that’s in that water just negates whatever pathogen’s in your body.”

“EMF waves are also a very big factor. Once all the waters in your body become structured, your body will repel EMF waves. You’re not likely to be pulling in EMF’s from satellites, computer monitor radiation or cell phones. Your body won’t weaken as readily with structured water in your body.”

What does “Dynamically Enhanced” mean? Specific frequencies have been added to the flow forms inside the unit. This is what gives it the antiseptic qualities that destroy pathogens such as Bacteria, viruses, fungus and mold.”

“Structured water is energy. It’s life force energy the human body needs at the cellular level in order to repair itself. So to sum it all up, structured water is life force energy. That’s it. It’s life force energy the body’s got to have.”

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