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Surface Tension of Water

Surface Tension of Water Interview with Ellen Brown and Clayton Nolte.

Ellen: Okay can you talk a little bit about mature water vs juvenile or surface water, the difference in where they’re finding water and it’s not mature water vs water that’s…it’s just another subject that I don’t understand regarding surface water.

Clayton: Right. Surface water…juvenile water. Surface water contains again the memory of everything it has passed through.

A way of measuring that water and again we have to go with the physical world here. The way of measuring it has been measuring the surface tension of the water.

Ellen: And what does that mean measuring the tension?

Clayton: The surface tension of water is the ability for the mosquito to land on the water or drink from it, lay eggs in it. For a firefly to land on the water and drink from it and then fly away…the water bugs, they land on the surface of the water. It’s the surface tension that allows this. And think about this: with increased surface tension you electrocute the water. People are using electrical devices to purify water and to electrocute water, you increase the surface tension. And the surface tension and the electricity is passing through the water. You can start moving the one glass away from the other and it’ll create a bridge. That bridge will get wider and wider and wider; that’s the surface tension. If you measure the surface tension of that water you will probably be in 84, 85, maybe even 100 times the measurement of surface tension.

Ellen: Right the Dynes is the measurement.

Clayton: Right.

Ellen: And I try to explain that when it comes to the alcohol has 28 Dynes per unit and structured water has 42.

Clayton: Water with alcohol is for homeopathy. What do they use to decrease surface tension of a homeopathy elixir? What is that? What’s in that? All it is is water.

Ellen: That’s what it tastes like. I always wondered about that.

Clayton: It’s water with an energetic imprint.

Ellen: Oh thank you for explaining that! I have some friends that are homeopaths here and when they’ve given me their rememdies I just was like wow, this is just like water.

Clayton: That’s all it is is water. It’s water with an imprint.

Ellen: Well it’s kind of expensive water!

Clayton: True but somebody is putting imprints on it, and they’re either using a crystal imprint or they’re blessing it, that’s an imprint, you can take…what is it called when the church blesses water?

Ellen: Right, holy water.

Clayton: Holy water. That’s all the water is is blessed water.

Ellen: Right.

Clayton: Blessed water. Basically it’s like pouring water through a portable unit.

Ellen: Right. I program my water every night, or I pray on it every night.

Clayton: Pray on your water as you’re pouring it. That energy of your prayer is imprinted on the water. And it’s carried to every cell in your body.

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