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Water vs. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is necessary for our body to function in many, many ways. Too much cholesterol can also be a bad thing. When we are dehydrated, the cells in our body plug their lining with cholesterol clay-like deposits to prevent further water loss. This is when cholesterol starts to build up plaque in dangerous places like arteries. When we eat, our blood becomes concentrated with food matter, unless we take adequate water with our meal. Concentrated blood makes the body feel dehydrated, and once again, excess cholesterol ends up in places like the liver and major arteries.

Dr. Batmanghelidj discusses what we can do to help this situation: “To prevent excess cholesterol deposits by the cells lining the arteries and the liver, you need to drink regularly an ample amount of water a half hour before food intake. By this action, the cells of the body will become well hydrated before confronting the concentrated blood after food intake. There will also be enough water for the processes of digestion and respiration, without needing to tap into the water held inside the cells lining the blood vessels.” After some time of keeping the body hydrated, it will lower its need to produce cholesterol and the body’s balance will eventually even out.

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