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Brygdon Bigcharles on Structured Water

Brydon Bigcharles:  It stays in solution as a suspended solid. When you freeze structured water in an ice cube tray the ice cube will be crystal clear except for in the center and in the center is a little cloudy patch and that’s all the particulars suspended in the water and that’s the last place to freeze. If you were to freeze tap water it would be cloudy throughout. 

It passes through your body as a solid your body cannot absorb solids your body only absorbs nutrients through infusion of water.

Other economical benefits to this in a home is your hot water tank, if you don’t have a softening system on your house, I have heard stories of people having to replace their hot water tank every 5 to 7 years, that’s $200 for the tank plus $200-$300 to get it installed every time. This will eliminate all the calcium built up within the tank and the reason they burn out is because of the poor heat transfer between element and the water because all the calcium gets built up in there. If you have calcium built up in your pipes this will dissolve that.

This is designed directly off nature and you know we need to get back to nature as a society I feel and when you go back to nature you never find reverse osmosis and you don’t find a lot of things in nature that we have. This is the closest to nature I feel that we can get with a water system as it uses no electricity.

I am in construction and I would finish drinking my water because I push my self so hard during the day and then I actually went and bought a $4000 water ionizing system which alters the pH of water and I justified it because I didn’t buy bottled water thereafter and it took me 6 months to release my attachment to that because it was $4000 to accept this technology because this didn’t have electricity and it was too simple and it took me 6 months to accept that.

In the pool it makes your chlorine more efficient so you have to use less of it. It’s like swimming in silk. I also swam in a pool two weeks ago for the first time with one of these on it. I couldn’t believe it I could even feel the water on my skin it was that soft.

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