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Dynamically Harmonized Water

Dynamically harmonized water. Dynamic is movement. Change through movement. And so when water comes into a Wu Wei Structured Water Unit it becomes dynamically harmonized structured water. It is the atmosphere where things move and change. So dynamic harmonized. Harmonize is balance. When water is moving and balancing simultaneously it creates an atmosphere of vortexing

That vortex is a spin to the left and a spin to the right. And in that spin creates detoxing, or basically neutralizing the atmosphere, or let’s say the condition of disharmony. Those are adverse toxins, things that are detrimental to life.   

In the movement it creates a neutralization of those toxins. Whether they be arsenic, lead, mercury, radiation. All the things that create an atmosphere of bringing about, again, disharmony of a living organism.   

So when water is in the spirit, or in the space of change in the evolution, it is throwing off the toxins. But it’s also drawing in the enhancements or the nutrients. All the things that are good for life are being drawn into the water to be able to be deposited where they are needed. Throughout its existence it’s constantly giving, constantly raising the bar, constantly bringing about the evolution of everything that it comes in contact with. This is dynamically harmonized water.

As things are given from that perspective, they are raised up. They are enhanced. They are off to a place of a greater place of giving themselves. So dynamically harmonizing anything, you create an atmosphere of a gift. A gift, and that great gift is the gift of what we consider a field effect. That gift extends out to 1,000 feet in all directions from the source.   

But as it creates another source out there at 1,000 feet, it could go on and on and on. So when we say if an individual puts a Wu Wei Structured Water Unit or Natural Action Technology in their home, they create an atmosphere of harmony. It may take a while for that harmony to actually change the envelope of that home because we have to know as human beings that everything man made is detrimental to your health. Carpet, walls, chlorinefluoride. But all these things are detrimental to life and all these things are considered by water to be exactly that. Toxic. So it’s going to try to make a correction.   

It also addresses stress, disharmony. And over and over and over we are experiencing, and people all over the world are experiencing an increase in harmony in their lives, in their pets, in their animals, in their fields, in their gardens, in their community.   

We have structured water units on bottling plants and the owners of the bottling plant, this was last year, basically he told me that he wanted me to come and do a study. But again, it takes tools. It takes the availability to go to Iraq and do a study of the military, because he was bottling water for the military.   

I had told him that - basically he was taking water from the river. He was borrowing it and then he would ionize it and then put it in a bottle. I gave him a little description of what he was creating. So he put Wu Wei Structured Water Units on every one of his bottling devices. He said within a week you could see the harmony. People started working together. They started laughing. They started being more in joy.   

I get these comments from all over the world. Again, every day I get phone calls. I ask people to write it down and send it to me, but writing it down and just saying it is two different things. 

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