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Imprint of Water

Imprint of Water Interview with Ellen Brown and Clayton Nolte

Ellen: Okay. The imprint of water; somebody asked me this question and so I’m going on that one first because I didn’t quite get it and there’s a woman here in Boulder who has the Anchi Crystals. Are you familiar with those?

Clayton: Now I’m familiar with a lot technologies, however, there’s a lot of offshoots of crystal technology.

There’s charged crystals, I mean crystals themselves, they have an enormous potential; enormous, and the problem that I see with a lot of these things that are out there, especially when you’re talking about imprinting a crystal for instance, is imprinting with whose agenda? Everyone’s agenda.

Ellen: Right.

Clayton: The whole thing about my Structured Water Units is that they are in the divine flow so basically that divine flow is a balance of vortex energy, left and right spin vortex.

Ellen: I have a question about that. Geometrically the mathematic way each unit is piped is basically the way you’ve figured that out, correct?

Clayton: Yes it is. But again it’s water that makes the determination not me. It’s water that flows in accordance to its freedom, its journey. Not my journey. You can look into, and many people have, you can look into this journey and see what you think it might be. Water makes the determination of what it truly does. It’s not about what you see, it’s what you don’t see.

Ellen: Well I get that Clayton, I totally get that. 

Clayton: What the imprint is, is creation energy.

Ellen: Okay.

Clayton: Creation energy and basically that creation energy has the potential of absolute creation, instantaneous creation.

Ellen: And the geometry and the mathematics of the way the balls are placed for the water to flow through, is that called a polymer chain?

Clayton: The polymer chain. Um…

Ellen: Because there’s different ways of structuring water, correct?

Clayton: Yeah there’s different ways to structure water. You can structure water by placing both of your hands on the sides of a glass while you’re drinking or you can structure water by just being present in the moment. If you’re present in the moment without any distractions of what happened to you 5 minutes prior to or 5 years  prior to, or what’s going to happen in the future, if you can be 100% in the moment, you can structure everything. You are the most powerful being on the planet. In fact, this is the answer to all of mankind’s dilemmas: being present. It’s that simple. So when water comes to one of these horizons, the instant change, the instant it starts to turn, I teach everybody that’s around me. Do the turning.

Ellen: Okay Clayton, what exactly is the process that allows memory to be erased?

Clayton: The turn. It’s the turn.

Ellen: The turn? The way the water spins?

Clayton: The way the water spins. Exactly.

Ellen: I mean is that…

Clayton: You turn to the right and the toxins cast off outwardly. You turn to the left, the toxins are cast out inwardly.

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