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Our most fascinating endorsement yet! We were informed that a man named Will Berlinghof in Calgary channeled information from a source called Cosmic Awareness on March 8th about our Structured Water Units and gave it a resounding endorsement. We were unaware of this organization until they recently purchased our product and sent us this information.

Here is what was channeled:

Question: There is a structured water unit offered for sale on the internet.  It refers to truly amazing technology that uses an advanced understanding of vortex sciences utilizing the dynamic characteristic of water and geometric structures that allow the water to work up on itself at the the molecular level to create naturally balanced water.  Water is the machine, no moving parts or chemicals, totally pure just like water running down a beautiful river.  A list of the benefits to humanity is included.  I'll just hold up what it looks like and point to it if this is available to you?

This Awareness can see not the picture but the energy around this device.  That It is able to connect and "see".

Questioner: Thank you.Do you have comments concerning the validity of this unit please?

First of all this Awareness sees this as the new technologies of the times ahead where one is living in harmony once again, in balance once again with Mother Earth, with Gaia, and through such devices is able to purify and cleanse the waters, energetically balancing them as well without adding the toxic chemicals that are now used to clean the water. That this Awareness endorses this product and says it is one that will help keep clean and clear and energize the water.

Questioner: Wonderful! Thank you for that information.

It is not that everyone will immediately jump for it but this Awareness does indicate that these devices, these new world devices, are ready to come out more and more, including free energy devices, including energy devices that clear the air in one's home and bring strong powerful balanced air into one's living space.  Many other such devices are ready to come forward.  This is one that has already stepped into consciousness in the manner of being made available now.  This Awareness would say that it is an excellent device indeed for those who are concerned with the quality of their drinking water and the water generally which they use also to clean fruits and vegetables, to bathe or shower in or to use in whatever way is right and needed by them.  The individual is free to make their choice, this Awareness can only state that It sees this as a very valid product and It does indeed endorse it.

For more info about CAC visit their site:

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Every year on January 6th the Orthodox Church has a ceremony called the Great Blessing of the Waters. Prayers are said over a large bowl of water, the Holy Spirit called upon and a cross is submerged in it. It is a symbolic celebration of Christ’s baptism.

The role of baptism in Christianity is seen as a ritual cleansing of sins. There is no question that living water is very cleansing both to drink and bathe in. The blessing ceremony is done outside most of the time. One church on the island of Patmos does their ceremony at the harbor, surrounded by 30 or more fishing boats. Once the abbot puts the cross in the water, all the boats sound horns and young men and boys swim in a race to be the first to get the cross and return it to the abbot.

The church believes that through baptism we are renewed, born again, and purified, sending positive energy into the cosmos for all its believers to be uplifted by. (Reference: Parabola Magazine Vol. 34 No. 2)

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Known as undying shape-shifters who live in the water, the Rusalki are mythical Russian creatures, representing feminine importance and divinity. Water itself takes on the form of whatever contains it, and gives life.

It can also take life by drowning. In this way, the Rusalki protects its feminine youth. They were known in stories to lure men into the water with their beauty only to drown them. It is in this way that Russian Folklore was trying to protect its young women from dishonor by men. They can also appear as swans or ducks or other waterfowl.

Many Russian villages would have a ceremony around the time of Pentecost (a Jewish harvest celebration) in which they would offer their crops put together in the shape of a woman’s body into the river as a sacrifice in order to continue productive farming. The women would take turns for about a week to sing songs to evoke consistent rains for the year.

The main point of these stories is to drive home the point of life’s cycle, birth and death, of which water has always been a part. (Reference: Parabola Magazine Vol. 34 No. 2)

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The Tlingit Tribe in Alaska has many myths, one in particular about the origins of freshwater and how the Raven got its black color:

In the long time ago, when animals could speak and people had not yet been created, Raven ruled the world. Back then Raven was as white as snow. He was not black like he is now. One day Raven saw a stranger standing on the shore while he was flying along the sea. He landed and spoke to him. “Who are you” he asked. “I have never seen you before.” “I am Ganook,” replied the stranger. “Where did you come from?” asked the Raven. “I have always been here, without beginning or end,” said Ganook. Thereafter, Ganook invited his white feathered brother to join him at his great house for a feast. Inside the house was a large stone box with a lid upon which Ganook slept at night. Inside was the only fresh water in the world. Ganook shared some with Raven, and the greedy bird could not get enough of it because it tasted so good. He was used to drinking only sea water. After the feast, Raven began to tell stories of his adventures. He told many tales, and soon Ganook fell asleep on the stone box lid. The deceitful Raven, ever the trickster, thought quickly and decided to steal some of the fresh water. He tricked Ganook by placing excrement beneath him and then awoke him saying how he had messed himself. “Just look at yourself!” Raven exclaimed, laughing. Ganook rushed out into the sea to bathe, and while he was away Raven quickly removed the heavy lid and drank some of the sweet water. But before he could escape, Ganook returned and saw what Raven was doing. He was angry that he had been so easily deceived. He grabbed Raven by the neck and began roasting him over a fire. The smoke turned Raven black. Finally, Ganook released Raven, who flew away with some water still in his beak. As he flew, water dripping from his beak fell on the ground, forming the first rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds.

(Reference: Parabola Magazine Vol. 34 No. 2)

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In the Qur’an, it is written that God sends the rain. This correlates with their belief that God sends down stories that all Creation came from water. Water is their sign that creation is a miracle.

The point is made in the Qur’an that no matter how big one’s ship, the ocean is always stronger, bigger, and able to destroy. The Islam believers therefore pray to God to deliver them safely to their destination. In their description of paradise, rivers flow into gardens, since all life, including water, returns to God. The water seems to have its own spirit that propels it to continuously move in oceans and rivers.

The Islam people also believed bathing to be sacred in that they were using part of God’s creation to be clean again. The Qur’an sees clouds as “…a two-fold sign: their passage across the vault of the heavens is a sign of the ephemerality and impermanence of life on this earth, and as a result, clouds are not merely a sign of water’s metamorphosis into vapor, but are in themselves the ‘upper water’ in visible form. In the form of clouds water shows its yearning for spiritual states and ascents.”

Islamic thoughts see water as a symbol of God’s oneness…it is colorless, without form, taste or smell, yet produces in plant life all those things. It is the life of everything, and they believe God’s throne is upon the waters. (Reference: Parabola Magazine Vol. 34 No. 2)

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