Structured Water Units

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Barrier Flow Diagram

The presence of barriers can significantly enhance the measurement and utilization of flow (including the generation of power and time). Individual streams of progression begin at barriers, and there are three primary types utilized within our transformative algorithms:


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Water Filter Problems

Water Filter Problems are something to consider when buying a water filter these days. 

Here are 5 things to consider when thinking about buying a water filter:

1. Carbon Filters can actually lower pH by 1 point. 

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My Water Research by Clayton Nolte

“There is more energy in one drop of water than all the power plants of the World have produced.  When you burn water the residue is water.”

Structured Water Dialogues

Interviewer:  We have gathered here to discuss structured water and its implications.

I am with Clayton Nolte who developed a device that takes water to a different state, we call it structured. In nature, natural water that is ready for consumption that gives life and helps all that is healthy and enhances life is structured.

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Energy of Water

Clayton: In my studies, this is the most efficient unit.

Interviewer: Let’s talk a little bit about the studies that you have done on this water because we have talked about things having energy and life force energy what have you done. What have you found out about water?

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