Structured Water Units

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Structured Water?

In the world of water purification Structured water is water that has been purified vibrationally in order to neutralize toxins.

Water in nature is also typically structured. That's where the inspiration for most water structuring devices comes from.As water runs over rocks and dances around curves and corners the water spins and this spinning can structure water. There are many amazing devices today that can do the same thing by emulating nature and vortexing the water. Once the pollution is gone, water can resume its natural structure. Vibrational pollution is a program or memory of water.Some may try to erase pollution by the distillation process. This process is not optimal because vital minerals have been removed through boiling and evaporation in addition to any molecule structure. Reverse osmosis water also has been depleted of most beneficial minerals. If our body does not get the minerals it needs, it may not function at its highest potential. When we recycle our water without letting it go through nature’s cleansing cycle of evaporation, rain and flowing in streams or through a water structuring device like a Natural Action Structured Water Unit we may still be consuming vibrational or energetic pollution. When water is structured it is re-balanced, just like in nature.  

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