Structured Water Units

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Structured Water and Plants

In a beautiful example of what structured water can do for plants, in April we compared the growth and health of two similar ivy plants. From this we found great results with structured water and plants. 





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Natural Action Water

Natural Action Technologies, also known as Natural Action Water, is Clayton Nolte's leading edge manufacturing company. Natural Action Water manufactures Clayton Nolte's Wu Wei Structured Water Unit's. Structured Water Unit, LLC is an official distributor for Natural Action Technologies products. Watch Clayton Nolte the creator of the Wu Wei Structured Water Unit

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Wu Wei Water

Water, just like any living thing in nature, has a natural action to it and at we call that Wu Wei Water. Wu Wei is an important concept of Taoism which involves the natural law of action that occurs on both the macro and the micro level of the world. On the macro level we see rivers flow, ocean waves curl and clouds rain. 

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Farming With Structured Water

Ever since Clayton Nolte created the Structured Water Unit we have been wondering about all the ways this will make a difference in the world but one of the most impressive results using the Structured Water Unit has been founded by people who are farming with structured water. There are now small and large scale crop farmers, dairy farmer, pig farmers, chicken farmers and turkey farmers taking advantage of the benefits of Structured Water with the use of the Structured Water Unit. How impressive are the results? Very! 


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Structured Water Research

Clayton Nolte, inventor, has created a dynamic vortexing water device for the health of all who drink water run through it.  His device has no moving parts, and comes in different styles to be attached to a garden hose, installed under a kitchen sink or shower, installed to service a whole house or business, and in a portable handheld style. Clayton states that this device structures the water, erasing negative memory (vibrational imprint) stored therein, and bringing the water to its fullest potential.

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