Structured Water Units

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The Field Effect

The Field Effect of Structured Water Interview with Ellen Brown and Clayton Nolte.

Ellen: In your manual it talks about how someone was testing your structured water but the only way they could test tap water was to go over to their neighbor but when they brought it back it was already structured. Is that what entrainment is, that when you have structured water, it structures everything around it?

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Unintended Consequences of Processed Water

Interviewer: We are with Clayton Nolte talking about structured water. Another aspect we realize that water is everywhere outside of us and outside of each cell and inside and the condition of the water in all those places is important but its not just with us it's also with the food we eat, its what we intake as materials that we use to prepare those foods to build water in everything and the status is important and people are using all kind of methods even commercial applications. 

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Brydon Bigcharles on Structured Water

Brydon Bigcharles:  It stays in solution as a suspended solid. When you freeze structured water in an ice cube tray the ice cube will be crystal clear except for in the center and in the center is a little cloudy patch and that’s all the particulars suspended in the water and that’s the last place to freeze. If you were to freeze tap water it would be cloudy throughout. 

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Hydrogen and Oxygen in Wu Wei Structured Water

Well, hydrogen and oxygen are what water is made of, H2O. H2O is a designator for water in a pure state. Actually if I remember right there’s 33 different molecular structures, 13 or so actual structures and I think 15 ions that are created in just pure water. When you start adding calcium or magnesium or potassium or even your thought to that water, it changes. The water is changing at such a rate and everything affects it. 

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Dairy Milk Production

The Wu Wei Structured Water Unit has proven itself in the dairy milk production industry. Since Wu Wei Structured Water was first introduced into numerous dairies there has always been the feedback of overall herd health and milk production increases but not a consistent account recorded over a length of time. 

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