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We Are Mostly Water

All of our functions depend on water to work properly. Digestion, vision, muscular movement, nervous system signals and blood function are just a few examples. The chemical makeup of human blood is very similar to that of the ocean. Dr. Jhon provides this statement to remind us of the theory that all life originated in the ocean.

Climates that are close to water are cooler in temperature because the water absorbs the sun’s heat. There is a parallel between humans and the earth as far as water composition goes: both are about 70% water. This seems to be nature’s message to us on just how important water is for our survival.

Dr. Jhon continues: “Truly, we know very little about the essence of our being. I consider my knowledge to be merely the tip of the iceberg but one thing I do know… Water is the source of our lives and it is directly connected with our health. Paying attention to the kind of water we drink can have a greater influence on our health than any other one thing!” It could benefit the planet greatly if not just water but hexagonal water was readily available to us all.

Reference: “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key” by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon

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This post will explore some Hexagonal Water or Structured Water Factors, in particular water factors pertaining to water temperatures.

Specific heat is water’s ability to hold energy. Water’s structure changes as temperature goes up or down. The weight of the molecules in water also changes as the structure changes. This is how it can have more specific heat than before.

When water is in a super-cooled state, around -40 degrees Celsius, the specific heat grows rapidly. Super-cooled water is water that is below freezing, like drops of water in a cloud, but has not turned into ice or snow. It does freeze when it comes in contact with any surface.

Dr. Jhon states: “… the specific heat of Hexagonal Water is higher than that of pentagonal water. What this means is that Hexagonal Water has a greater capacity to perform work—to expel wastes, to absorb temperature changes and to protect against various other energetic influences.”

The high energy that structured water can contain can also be used right away by an organism when it is consumed. Water’s density also changes based on temperature. For this reason, ice is buoyant. It is less dense than liquid water so it rises to the surface. One example of this type of water factor in nature is the formation of icebergs in the ocean.

When pressure is applied to water, the chemical bonds break down and viscosity is decreased, allowing the water to flow more easily. All of these seemingly small water factors have a big impact on water.

Reference: “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key” by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon

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Ever wonder how to produce structured water or hexagonal water?

Lower temperatures are proven to be more supportive of structured water, as does the scenario where water can cling to “biological molecules”. Water can reach 100% structure when it is in the super-cool state (below freezing but still liquid).

Also, water with added minerals or ions becomes structured, given that structure-inducing ions are used and not structure-breaking ions.

Some technologies even use magnetic or electric (ionization) currents to structure water. Magnetic methods have a success rate of structuring 80% of the water. Electrolyzation works by placing water in an electric field which separates alkaline and acidic water. However, it is only effective for a certain period of time before the water returns to its previous state.

There are also water structuring devices that cause the water to twist clockwise and counter-clockwise, creating a vortex effect. This mimics nature’s babbling brook where the water cascades over rocks, twisting playfully and churning within itself over and over again.

Reference: “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key” by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon

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Here are some reasons Hexagonal water is healthy water.

Hexagonal water or structured water is associated with health and vitality. Hexagonal water gives energy to the cell with its high level of “specific heat”. Specific heat is the measurement of water’s ability to give off energy or metabolize.

Without hexagonal or structured water, waste may not be properly eliminated. Build-up of waste can lead to disease in tissues and organs quickly. Every process in the cell creates waste and that waste needs to be removed efficiently.

Dr. Jhon shares his thoughts on this subject: “Since water has such a high energetic capacity, and since it has the ability to dissolve matter, it is the logical candidate for cleanup. When considering the differences between pentagonal and Hexagonal Water, Hexagonal Water is the preferred choice. It is energetically more powerful! Hexagonal Water improves cell water turnover and supports metabolic efficiency.”

While does not condone the use of animals for testing, in his book The Water Puzzle and Hexagonal Key, Dr. Jhon talks about an interesting study done several years ago. A man named Verhulst did an experiment where he fed one group of beagle dogs structured water and the other group un-structured water. The age of the first group averaged 13 years while the second group averaged a mere 7 years. Dr. Jhon notes that this experiment supports the belief that structured water is beneficial to health, longevity and vitality!

Reference: “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key” by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon

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This post will explore the topic of water and calcium. We humans lose water as we age. In the same way, we also lose Calcium. There are many Calcium supplements on the market today because of this losing process.

Calcium is an ion that increases structure, and when it is in water, it builds up that hexagonal structure. Pentagonal-structured water is of lower quality, and hexagonal-structured water is very high quality water. Since the body has trouble absorbing minerals like Calcium when the water becomes unstructured, the result is loss of Calcium.

Dr. Jhon’s theory supports the idea that the aging process may slow down by consuming hexagonal water. Hexagonal water also is linked to healthy levels of amino acids, which are “structure-making substances”. The function of the cell could decline without healthy amino acids. With enough Calcium loss, we begin to see osteoporosis. This affects our older generations and it is more common with women.

Dr. Jhon gives his opinion here: “For those with osteoporosis, Calcium supplementation often merely results in an increase of Calcium discharged from the body—like pouring water into a container with no bottom. According to the molecular water environment theory, it is necessary to consume Hexagonal Water along with Calcium so that it can be used more efficiently at the cellular level.”

Dr. Jhon is saying that structured water simply makes it possible for us to more easily absorb the vitamins and minerals which we use for biological function. Hopefully this post has provided a clearer connection between water and calcium.

Reference: “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key” by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon

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