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Hydrogen Atoms In Water

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I recently watched an episode of How The Universe Works and in it Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku claimed that "Hydrogen atoms in water were born shortly after the Big Bang and then came everything else." Now if that doesn't get you thinking about hydrogen and water I don't know what else will. By now many of us know how important a role hydrogen plays in our lives. Among other things it helps to reduce free radicals in our body and free radicals are known to cause aging and disease. And what is a good way to get more hydrogen? Drink more water, in particular, structured water because the hydrogen will be more available.

But, thanks to the alkaline water craze, people are realizing that not all water is the same and some water has a more balanced pH level then others. What does pH mean? Hydrogen potential. So if the pH is higher then there is a higher level of hydrogen potential. So it is great to have your water at a natural balance of 7.0-7.5 pH so that you are getting a good amount of hydrogen potential. But what is hydrogen?

What Is Hydrogen?

Well obviously hydrogen is a gas. But was is that? I'm going to get philosophical now because I'm just amazed by this statement that "Hydrogen atoms in water were born shortly after the Big Bang and then came everything else." To me this means that hydrogen is part of our prime creation. Before that it was energy and before that it was, well, I don't know, nothing ?

Maybe if I catch you up more on the nature of our Universe's creation by explaining what scientists have unraveled by studying the Big Bang you will get more of the picture I am seeing.

The Big Bang

The Universe began with the Big Bang around 12-14 billion years ago. But it didn't look like it does now when it first began. To start it went through a heat wave that makes our Sun look like the Moon. Then for 380,000 years it was all a milky soup of loose electrons that eventually cooled down enough to allow the electrons to slow down and stick to atoms. Then it began to mass produce atoms and finally create hydrogen. Then it created helium and lithium. Around this time clouds of hydrogen and helium gases began a 200 million year period of floating in space until finally these gases came together and ignited into stars. Over this period the Universe had begun to clear up and the one we see today slowly started to take shape.

One billion years after the Big Bang galaxies began to form. Over the next 8 billion years countless more galaxies took shape. Then about 5 billion years ago in a quiet region of one of these galaxies, gravity began to pull in dust and gas until it finally clumped together enough to give birth to our Sun. Our solar system, 9 billion years after the Big Bang, sprang to life and with it planet Earth.

What's also amazing is that it almost took a completely different direction. In the beginning there was a battle between matter and antimatter. When these two collide they obliterate each other. Well there was basically a billion units of antimatter and a billion and one units of matter and because of that one unit more, matter won and that's all it took to create the known Universe with it's countless galaxies of suns, planets, moons and so on.

I still haven't found the answers to the questions I have about what hydrogen or gas really is but the next time you drink a glass of structured water, think about the hydrogen you are about to digest and how this hydrogen was one of the first creations of our Universe. Maybe you will have an epiphany and you can share it in the comments down below.

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