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by Clayton Nolte

An exercise one may express to the universe is when you are in the space of wanting to change your life: just before you are about to go to sleep ask that all your demands, payers and/or requests that have not been made manifest be erased. You may have to see them on a big black board and physically erase them or you may have to blow them up but do not review them or bring them into mind, this just reinforces them to be more in your life.  When you wake up you will feel alive, awake, alert and exuberant.

Another exercise is before you go to bed at night, fill up a paper cup (a white natural recycled cup would be best) with the purest water you can find, preferably natural spring water (not distilled) from a verified pure source or structured water from a water structuring device.

Before lying down, close your eyes, thank the universe for your day, and focus on what you would like your reality to be for tomorrow. What would you like the universe to bring or show you, and what would you like to give.

After you have in your mind what you would specifically like from the universe tomorrow, look at your paper cup of water, and focus those thoughts into the water as if the water were the whole universe (it is).

"Then, to further manifest and have the water help you, write on the paper cup your wishes or intentions that you thought of for tomorrow.  Sometimes this may just be a general good principal, such as, "tomorrow I would like to be amazingly creative and glowing with love," or it can be as specific as you want such as, "tomorrow I would like to solve my challenge with such and such a situation."

After you do this with complete clarity of mind and gratitude, drink half of the cup of water, and go to sleep knowing that the water is reverberating with great intensity and acting as a magnifying antenna to the universe. The water in your body that you drank already has your intentions in it and is still connected to the water in the cup which is connected to EVERYTHING and it is working its best at helping you send your message to the universe. Its structure IS actually changing your thoughts and this is provable by science to even the most skeptical naysayers. As you sleep, your subconscious mind will continue to communicate with the water, both in your body, and that still in the cup, and it will change its structure into what you concentrated on, so that when you wake up in the morning, and finish the other half of the cup of water, you will literally be drinking your dreams!

This will have them reverberate even more powerfully through your whole being. Do this every night, and see what happens, manifestations multiply and health increases at ever faster rates. Water is the most beautiful, mutable and affected thought physical substance that we humans have. Water is the ultimate physical manifestation within the hologram of our existence, and if you love your water, it will love you back and help you along your path. Water is alive and aware.   Be in joy!

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While discussing the fascinating world of structured water with Clayton Nolte recently, we got onto the topic of the importance of energy and how this works with the memory of water. In this conversation Clayton Nolte told me that anger can actually make hydrogen in water dissipate. While I am an avid writer and researcher of water, I am also a student of psychotherapy and this information about emotions and water had me perplexed. After a night of thinking about it this was my response to Clayton:

"So I've been thinking about what you said about hydrogen dissipating in the face of anger. My first response to this was 'Wow, what a judgmental Universe.' Emotions are part of our daily life and some people just can't help it that they are angry or have other emotions. Due to the interconnected nature of the Universe, our way of being today is influenced by the way the world has been leading up to this moment.  In contemplative psychotherapy we learn to help people to remove self-aggression by not judging their anger or whatever emotion they have. But it's true that our hope is to help them unwind their anger or suffering. So I'm thinking now that that agenda is built into the heart-mind just as it is built into the Universe. The Earth was designed by the Universe to give life. This is supported by the exchange of noble gases, precious elements, subtle energies and so on. In an effort to balance out destruction, it makes sense that the Universe would give us an emotion such as anger as a survival mechanism but then see that since that emotion can also become destructive, such as when it turns into hate, that it then creates an environment which won't sustain it for long periods of time without dire consequences.

In my new field of therapy, we have to be careful with some of the manifesting arts and sciences, such as law of attraction, because some people will 'stuff' their emotions.  Instead of acknowledging their emotions and how they play within their relative existence, they will spiritually bypass them and shoot into an absolute frame of mind which doesn't leave much room for the balance of relative and absolute. This can lead to self aggression and a deprivation of loving-kindness.

So my hesitation to fully receive what you said yesterday about how hydrogen won't sustain anger had a lot to do with compassion. I'm now in the business of helping people accept themselves as they are and where they are in life at this present moment, so it was hard to hear that the Universe would use judgment. But after thinking about it more, my response is now 'Wow, what a discernable Universe.' If hydrogen dissipates in the face of certain emotions then the Universe is actually helping to balance out destructive energies so that life will become more sustainable and possibly have less suffering."

These are just some thoughts I wanted to share.

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Summer Water

As the fall sets in and it begins to get cold I am reminiscent of summer water. I was fortunate to spend some time back in Sedona, AZ over the summer. While I was back there I was able to go to the creek with old friends and my brother many times. We even found a new favorite spot which is an amazing swimming hole.

Sedona has wonderfully beautiful red rock mountains and the creek flows between these red rocks. The summer water is a perfect temperature to cool down from the hot Arizona heat. Though I actually appreciate the Arizona heat after a long winter in northern Colorado. Not that I'm complaining to be living in Boulder, CO. I was even also able to get a nice dose of summer water from the Boulder creek which reminds me a bit of the Oak Creek in Sedona.

I grew up in Sedona and some of my favorite memories are going to the creek day after day in the summer. All my friends would meet up there and have a blast. Back then we were more daring and would jump off the cliffs and do crazy flips and acrobats. Though we did do some cliff jumping this summer but the acrobats have toned down quite a bit.

One of my favorite things to do this last summer was to dunk my body and stay under as long as I could and just sense the water and the Earth as mindfully as possible. A good friend of mine took me to a special creek spot in Telluride this year when the water was still very cold but we both got in anyways. Although he was the only one to get all the way in. He told me that it really grounded him to the Earth. So this summer I really paid attention to that and he was right, water is a great  connector to the Earth. There were even times when we were at a favorite spot of ours in Sedona called Essene Beach and I would go under the water and feel so connected to the Earth that old memories of being connected to it and specifically the creek, would surface in my consciousness and I could even feel it in my bones. I love Water and Earth and all the elements dearly. Thank you life!

If you have any favorite summer water stories, please feel free to share them in the comments below. I look forward to hearing about your connection to life. Not only do I miss summer water in the Fall and Winter but I miss hearing the laughter of kids and adults enjoying it.

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The Matt Damon Water Cause

I would like to show appreciation for the Gary White and Matt Damon water cause and their organization, which they co-found. They have figured out a way to help many people in poverty stricken communities find better access to cleaner water. Many people around the world have to scavenge for water and quite often walk miles a day for water which might not even be clean. envisions a world where everyone in the world has clean water. Here are some water statistics from the Fast Company article, on Matt Damon's water cause, about the current water crisis:

    • Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease.
    • About 80% of sewage in developing countries is discharged untreated.
    • More people have cell phones than access to a decent toilet.
    • 3.6 million people die each year from water-related diseases.
    • Less than 1% of the world's fresh water is readily accessible for direct human use.
    • The average American uses 100 gallons of water per day; the average African uses 12 gallons per day.
    • Nearly 1 billion people lack access to safe water.
    • Millions of women and children spend several hours a day collecting water from distant, often polluted sources., which supports, raises money to drill for wells in these communities. Along with this they educate the people to maintain the wells and teach smarter solutions for the local communities to keep the water flowing in their area.

Along with raising money and developing water infrastructures, also provides reasonable loans to people in need of them to set up their access to water which they call Water Credits. It's a micro-finance tool that seems to be working well. It was essentially Gary White's idea and it has made him a big deal in the philanthropic world, earning him a Skoll Award in 2009 from Social Entrepreneurship. In the Fast Company article Matt Damon said, "WaterCredit is proof that risky ideas can work. It's a big idea done right, and it's working all over the place. That's when it gets exciting. supports the Gary White and Matt Damon Water Cause and their organization For every Structured Water Unit sold donates $10 to

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