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Under the Sink Unit - New HD9 Series!

Under Sink Unit!


NEW! HD-9 Under Sink Unit is 50% more powerful than our previous version and more durable!

The Dynamically Enhanced Natural Action Whole Under the Sink Structured Water Unit is for the person who wants the full effects of dynamically enhanced structured water straight from their tap. The line of Dynamically Enhanced Units have a flow-form inside that is the same structure and size as the flow-form in the current units, but is made from a combination of proprietary materials that dynamically enhance the energy of the unit and create a static energy that exists even before the water flowing through the unit is structured.

This unit dispenses structured water to deliver blanced wanter to the body for optimum hydration. It is easily installed by anyone with a minimum plumbing experience. There is usually a small pipe underneath the kitchen sink which can be removed on the cold water side. A flexible hose on each end of the unit is connected to the two exposed ends where the piece has been removed. This unit is also advantageous for anyone living in a rental unit because it can be easily removed and the old pipe can be replaced. Then it can be reinstalled in another rental unit or home. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to install this after an Under Sink Reverse Osmosis system, put that in the comments and we will send you fittings for that.

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Pipe Types: For 1/2" Threaded Flex Hose


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